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    Default Which Couples Resort?!

    My fiance and I are looking at going to a Couples Resort for our honeymoon next year. We have never stayed at a Couples Resort and were wondering which one we should book and why? We have stayed at many other resorts. We were also looking at signing up for the registry...anyone have any experience or advice?! Please help!!

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    Only you can pick your resort. We love CN and hate CTI. Others love CTI and hate CN. Many love CSA. And CSS is beautiful. You decide.
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    It depends on what's important to you. Each resort offers the same great service, but each has it's own atmosphere and special environment. If you love the beach, then shoot for one on the Negril side and if you want seclusion, go for one in Ocho Rios. Look at pictures and read reviews to narrow down your choice. The one that keeps popping up in your mind should be the one you pick. We love CSA because of the beach, grounds, and romantic atmosphere, but everyone has their favorite. Good luck and congrats!

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    We have also been to many other resorts but tried CSS last month. It was fabulous! If you want a great beach and don't mind a few vendors, I would look at one of the Negril properties. If you want fabulous views of the sea and mmountains, then the Ocho Rios properties would be what you want.

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    CN, because it is both romantic and fun! Have seen many weddings and honeymoons and they always have the time of their lives. I'm totally biased though, so you will definitley want to read about the other 3 resorts. CN and CSA do have the fine, white sand beaches and smoother waters, if that makes a difference. We have also stayed at several other resorts, both AI and not, and we will most likely never go to another AI. We may stay at other non-AI resorts on different islands, because we are divers, but if there was a Couples on any of those islands, that would be our resort of choice.

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    We chose CSA for our wedding 12/12/12 and then we are going over to CN for our honeymoon so we could spend some time at both of the resorts!! We love the beach and heck dont mind vendors at all cause I always seem to have some money burning a whole in my pocket!! haha

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    I agree with Margi's comments. But I might be more helpful , if I knew more about the two of you and what you are looking for. For example, I think the night-life, beach, fitness facilities and dining options are better at CSA, but CSS has amazing over-water massage rooms (ask for the hideaway!), romantic tropical grounds, private beach and room service (Perfect if you are looking for privacy, romance and quite relaxation). It really depends on what you two like and are looking for.

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    Couples... four very different resorts, one way of doing business... only you can decide...

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    We ave stayed at all the resorts and for us CSS is tops! The most romantic of all the resorts but if your looking for a long white sand beach with other properties and business around I'd choose CSA. You really can't loose with any of the resorts. Just look at all the pics and reviews of them all and see which one you keep going back to and that's the one!
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    hi bigday42812, and congrats!! my fiance and i are new to couples too, and we've decided to do 6 nights at CSA and 4 nights at CSS. that way we're able to see both sides of Jamaica, and get two experience two Couples for the price of one vacation! it is a bit of a hike transferring between the two resorts, but we were planning on taking a day trip to the falls anyway, so it's not too bad. in my research, it seems that no matter which resort you go to, it will be amazing.

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    We were fortunate to visit each resort this past October and they are unique and wonderful in their own way. Whichever you choose, you cannot go wrong. We favor CTI since we were there in 1980 for our honeymoon but love them all.

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    i, too had a difficult time trying to decide which one to visit for our honeymoon We are going to Sans Souci June 2012...and I read hundreds of reviews and liked that the service seemed to get amazing reviews and the private beach. It was VERY tough to decide, so i HOPE we love it

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