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    Default beach condition at CSA

    Just wondering if someone can give us an update on the beach.Last I heard the hurricane took a lot of it out,Art & Pat

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    Just returned yesterday. The beach is somewhat smaller from last visit, but it is still large enough and in good shape.

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    Thanks for the update Redsox, 21 days till we arrive!

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    Have a great time!

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    Thanks for the information, we will be there in 17 days . (Dec. 06-13 )Then on to CSS. Last December the water was rougher than usual, but we still enjoyed our stay and I am sure we will this year too. This is our fifth trip to CSA and our second to CSS. Doing a split this time, because we couldn't decide between the two !

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    Helen, you and Paul have a great trip.

    it's all about the kids

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    thanks for the info. 12 days to go

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    We are at CSA right now! I'm sending this from the porch of our beachfront suite drinking coffee with rum
    cream. It's another beautiful morning while we watch the resort come to life.
    The beach is fine. It's a little narrower than I remember, but in good shape.
    I'll post a review when we get home.

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    Just flew back at the weekend. Te beach was perfect. Better than Nov 2010 whne it was suffering a little.

    Have a great time and a bloody Caesar for me!

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    We're at CSA now and the beach is considerably smaller....but everything else is terrific, and we got lucky enough to get one of the rooms with the wrap around porch (which is where we are right now)....

    We just love this place!!!

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    We'll be at CSA Dec. 3rd-10th and this is all good news for us. We setup our lounge chairs at the tree line so a smaller beach shouldn't be an issue. The beach was pretty small from what I recall during our trip in 2008. Some pictures of the current condition would help though. Thanks for the info everyone and it's going to great returning home in 11 days...

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    Thanks! We're celebrating Paul's birthday this year on the 10th! Hoping for April 2013, maybe see you and Sue there then?!

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    yeh.....golden sand......great shape

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