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    Default 3 weeks til the best time I hope

    We've never been to any couples resort. I have so much anxiety waiting until we get there. I hope the reviews are true because I can't believe we able to save and afford such a great and beautiful place.

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    Don't worry, you made a great choice wherever you are staying. Which resort did you choose?

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    Psst........Hey You!....yeah you.......over here!

    I have a secret to tell you.....

    You know those reviews you can't fathom could be true??

    Well, I'm here to tell you something......

    THEY ARE!!!!!


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    You will be blown away the reviews wont do it justice it will be BETTER!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    If you keep a good attitude, you will most likely be rewarded with a fantastic vacation!

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    We had the same anxious feelings too our first time.....7 Couples trips ago!

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    Get nready

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    I can't believe it myself sometimes ..... that we've actually been able to experience PARADISE .... not just once but so many times. Going to CN is just "living the dream" ..... 40 days until back to PARADISE .... Pinch Me!!!!

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    We are going to Sans Souci. It was a really hard decision so many pro's and not enough con's to distinguish. Trip advisor and this message board have become the top used sites on my laptop. I really can't wait. We stayed at RIU Tropical Bay for our first time and this will be our second. We ended up calling back to get the penthouse suite. We had to wait 6 months after our marriage to take this trip due to our J O B's so I thought my new wife deserves something spectacular. I WILL have a great attitude. I saw some of the nit pickers and it's sad to waste your Vacation time being so uptight. Sorry so this is so long but I can't talk about it with anybody else without looking like a braggy

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    Pictureitperfect - We have been to CSS 3 times now, and are heading back to this beautiful resort this year for New Year's Eve!! This place just "oozes" romance, it is so very beautiful!!! Here's a link to some of our pictures from our 3 trips to get you "in the mood" for a wonderful holiday!! I'll warn you, however, that you ARE going to fall in love with Couples Sans Souci, which will make it very difficult to go anywhere else!!

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    We are also first timers to CSS, can't wait my wife and I arrive 12/2! I hope it is as nice as we hear. We've never done an all inclusive before.

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    KarenON thanks alot its hard enough to act like I'm working as it is. Those pics put it over the edge. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there. Nov 29th can't come fast enough. one question do they have music playing anywhere. I saw in your pics there is a guy with a sax which is exciting.

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