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    Default Ideas for decorations, favors, invitations, etc.

    Hi all!

    We are getting married 5/5/12 at CTI, just about six months away!! I wanted to reach out to my fellow brides (and/or grooms) and see what types of decorations, favors, or gifts you have used or will be using.

    Does anyone have any good ideas for inexpensive wedding invitations? I'm thinking I will print them myself, but I don't want them to look too homemade Where could I buy paper and envelopes online that would be print ready?

    We decided on colors- purple and aqua (like the color of the water). My dress is white but I want to have purple and aqua flowers in my hair (probably going to buy artificial so they don't wilt). I wondered if anyone is having decorations for the ceremony- I was thinking a coordinating drape for the arch, fans for the guests on the chairs, and decorations on either side of the isle.

    Is anyone bringing items to decorate the cake/champagne table? I know the area won't be very large, but I want everything to match. Candle/trinkets/hanging lanterns?

    I'm hoping to upgrade my bouquet from the standard to blue orchids. I found someone else on the message board that had this too- but the blue is aqua to me- fitting in the color scheme.

    Also, we don't know for sure how many guests will be coming (~20) and I'm wondering if CTI will allow us to have that large of a party in one of the restaurants. We can afford a reception dinner on our own, so if they won't allow it, us and our guests will just go their separate ways. But if they allow a larger party- should we bring little decorations for the dining tables too?

    Last but not least, what about favors for your guests, or even welcome bags to have in their rooms when they arrive? Someone suggested I get tote bags with my and my fiances names and our wedding date on them to act as a favor (anyone know where to get these inexpensively???) and fill the bag with aloe, sunscreen, snacks, and other small travel amenities. I love this idea as a welcome to Jamaica and a thank you for coming gift. Any other suggestions for this idea?

    Thank you to everyone who reads this! We still have so much work to do that I'm getting stressed at 6 months out! Any ideas/criticisms/advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!!


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    Hi Caitlin. My fiance and I are getting married 4/26/11 at CSA and are still trying to figure out what kind of favors we want for our guests too. I read somewhere else on here about the person making door hangers for each room. One side says "Do not disturb. Getting ready for the ___ wedding." The other side reads "Do not disturb. Partied too hard after the ___ wedding." (Of course fill in the blank with your last name.) I thought that was such a cute idea. I'm sure that's something you can design yourself on a computer program and print on thick paper from Office Depot or somewhere similar.

    I got a gift one time of a solid colored reusable shopping bag with my initial embroidered on it. Maybe you can find one of those somewhere for a tote bag. It seems inexpensive but I use it all the time for different things and it's the perfect size!

    Good luck deciding what you fill the bag with! Please let us know what you decide to do for the gifts. We don't have many people going for our wedding but I think it would be a nice personal touch to do something for everyone.

    Mary Elizabeth

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    Congrats- I'll help the best I can, although for ours it will just be the two of us

    Computer friendly invites- check out Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics (or wherever you can find the 40-50% coupons!!!). If you are signed up for Groupon or LivingSocial they often have good deals for Mixbook and similar (online photo item making websites), example-- I bought a $50 voucher to use for photobooks and announcements for only $15. I also found my beaded sash for my dress and bridal jewelry on Etsy- all adorable, unique handmade items that would definately make your day extral special. Finally, Oriental Trading website seems to have some good deals on decorations and favors if you need to buy bulk. Happy Shopping.

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    We are renewing our vows in Aug 2012, working on invites now. Sending them in a box, inside lid is a picture of sunset. There will be two "boarding passing" that has all the info about renewal, two luggage tags, two passport holders that match luggage tags, and a pen for customs.

    Goodie bag for guest has the same picture as the invites, 2 luffas, ankelet, cirgar, beer cozie, ear plugs, flashlight, water camra, chapstick, sun glasses, small photo album some advil,tums and a thank-you for coming.

    Was told that if bags are put together and have names on them if you take to lobby the day guest arrive they will hand them out.
    Have fun with it and good luck!!!

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    Check out Vistaprint too--you get emails for lots of free stuff and just have to pay the shipping charges. I got a couple of t-shirts from them--one says "The future Mrs. (with your new last name on it) and the other one says "Just Married with the date". They have lots of different things including invitations and new address labels.

    Hope this helps!!

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    We are getting married on 5/5/12 also at CTI! We haven't decided yet about favors but our OOT bags are just about complete. We are having a reception back home and wanted things to kind of tie in so we're using the same cake topper in Jamaica as at our home reception.

    I talked to Debbie and she said they don't typically allow that many people in one party at a time. That is unless you rent out the restaurant for a private reception.

    We went to Michaels and bought our wedding invitations. It looks super easy and it provides the templates. My friend just got married and used the same maker and her's looked professional.

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    Default for wedding invitations!! Cheap and cute. We got married at Couples just the two of us and then had a reception back home, so the other questions are harder for me to answer. However I upgraded my bouquet and it was worth it! Totally beautiful and everybody commented on how pretty it was. I was iffy on the blue too but even though it was an off-blue from the blue ribbon on my dress, it looked awesome.

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    CONGRATS on your up coming wedding.
    I found a great year end sale on tie dye beach bags. Put Avon Skin so soft spray bottles, Avon bug wipes, lip balm, anklet, bottle opener, coozies and a few other items. BUT, I didn't want to carry all that in my luggage, ($$) so I had a pre-Jamaica party and invited the guests that were going with us 1/2 hour earlier than the rest. I gave them the big bags with some of the stuff.

    I then found a smaller bag that I took with us and added 2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 bandana's, silver and white beads, 2 battery powered tead lights and more lip balm. THEN, we took our guests off the resort to a dinner and we paid for the transportation and tip, but they bought their dinners. We had a great time. Our driver found us a great place that we were able to swim in the ocean directly below where we were eating, they had an outdoor shower, and we all brought dry clothes to change into to watch the sunset, have drinks and dinner and they treated us so great. Hope that helps with the OOT bag. The tea lights were great, we would put them outside our door on the ledge, when we left at night so we could find our room. It's a LARGE resort. Best thing I did.

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