If you are flying Continental from Houston to Montego Bay, you need to check your reservations. For that matter, you should probably read this is you have any reservations on Continental.

We are returning for our 7th visit to CTI in January (cant wait!). A few months back, I made a reservation with Continental for a Thursday flight from Austin to Jamaica, connecting (with a 2 hour lay over) to a flight from Houston to Montego Bay.

A Last week, I decided to check my reservations. Much to my surprise, Continental had changed my reservations without notifying me. My flight from Austin to Houston was still at the same time, but my flight from Houston to Montego Bay was scheduled for 2 days later! I went from a 2 hour layover in Houston to a 2 day layover!

I called Continental. They told me that they have discontinued all flights from Houston to Montego Bay except for weekends. Since my Thursday flight no longer existed, they simply moved me to the next available flight. Apparently, the fact that this created a 2 day layover in Houston was not significant enough to actually notify me of the change.

But wait, it gets worse. They also had rescheduled my flight home, bumping me off my Sunday Montego Bay to Houston flight and instead routed me through Nouth Carolina. However, the flight from Nouth Carolina to Houston arrived 1 hour after my Houston to Austin connection was scheduled to depart. In short, they replaced my original itinerary with one that was actually physically imposible to perform.

I finally got a refund and rebooked with Delta, but if I hadn't double checked my reservations I would have never found out in time. I understand that Continental made other changes to their flight schedules as well. If you are flying Continental, it might be a good idea to check you reservations.