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    Default Reggae Marathon and CN - Question

    Does anyone know if CN will have the following?

    1) a shuttle to the sports complex at CSA the night before the race for the pasta party/expo
    2) a shuttle to the start of the race on race day morning
    3) some food (bagels, bananas) out VERY early for the runners on race day morning.


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    Default Denise -- let's meet up

    Denise, my husband and I are also coming to CN for the Half Marathon. I have read on the Reggae Half Marathon blog that there are shuttles from all hotels to the start of the race and back again. Also, I read on the message board that CN puts out food early for racers.

    As for the Pasta Party, same thing should happen. There should be a shuttle to CSA, probably by CN or just the regular bus that runs up and down that road.

    We arrive on Wednesday, the 30th. Would love to meet up with some fellow racers.

    If you have any other questions about the race, the Reggae Race blog should have the answers, or you can ask the MarathonRunninGuy on the blog:

    Hope to meet up with you there.

    Gayle & Warren (a/k/a Goofy and Bubba)
    22 days ...

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