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    Default PALAZZINA dress code

    I know that at Cassanova you have to have long pants and closed toe shoes but I think I read somewhere the its okay for guys to wear khaki shorts and nice sandals to Pallazzina. Is this right or am I crazy? Also is there a difference in dress code for lunch and dinner there? and do we need reservations for lunch? We're finally at the point where its okay to pack and we aren't sure how many nice outfits and how nice they need to be?

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    You don't need reservations for lunch at Pallazina. Bob usually wore dress shorts with a polo shirt to dinner at Pallazina. He has boat shoes, not sandals, but I would think nice sandals would be fine for guys. Just no flip flops at dinner. For lunch, definitely no wet bathing suits, even with a cover up. I usually changed into casual shorts and a top if we were eating lunch at Pallazina.

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    Hi abbi&derrik,
    BobandJudy are correct as to dress code at Pallazina for lunch and dinner. For dinner, when we were there in July, you had to make reservations for dinner so don't forget to make your reservation. You can call Guest Services from your room to make your dinner reservations.

    Have a wonderful trip!!!!

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