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    Default OK to arrive at different times?

    Hi- I have kind of an odd question...We are supposed to be returning to CSA in a few days, but have to do some emergency repairs on our house and my husband may not finish in time for our flight. We've looked into changing the flight and of course, the cost is prohibitive for both of us. It would be best if I could fly down as planned and he join me a couple days later. Would I be allowed to check in without him? I'm sure I'd be a bit lonely for the first couple of days, but as a repeater I know there's plenty I could do on my own. Just wasn't sure if the resort had a policy regarding this. Thanks for your help!

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    Probably best to call the 800#, but it shouldn't be a problem. Good luck and enjoy!

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    I don't see it being a problem. I would call the 800# to let them know the situation and let them know the flight information for each of you.
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