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    Default hey CN lovers, what should we do for a day?

    We are going to CSA in two weeks for the second time. We would really like to see CN and we don't want to waste a minute! Where should we go for lunch and what is a MUST see?? How far away is the office of nature - or should we do that some other time?? Thanks!!

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    You must do the Office of Nature. Walk to the beach, turn right, and head north. Once you pass the yellow "Office of Nature" sign, keep heading up the beach until you get to the next OON, which has a makeshift roof of blue tarps and a driftwood bar with Office of Nature painted on it. That is the original. The one with the yellow sign is the copycat. Give the guys $20 per lobster and enjoy an ice cold Red Stripe. It's about a 10- 15 min walk each way and you will be there about 45mins-1hr, so plan about 90mins total for the "excursion".
    You should also check out the pool bar. Super fun social atmosphere at the CN pool bar.

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    I second the OON trip. Other "musts" I think are ... take a Hobie Cat and/or a kayak out and cruise around Bloody Bay. Make sure to enjoy some jerk chicken and fries from the Beach Grill, but also check out what is at the lunch buffet that day too. Spend some time hanging at the swim-up bar. Play some beach bocce ball. Grab a dirty banana and sit in the swings in the upper lobby.

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    thanks!! Can't wait Any special drink, server, food (other than OON and jerk) we should try/meet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunmum View Post
    thanks!! Can't wait Any special drink, server, food (other than OON and jerk) we should try/meet??
    My drink of choice is Appleton V/X, Coco Mania, and pineapple juice, with a Coruba dark floater. You can get that at CSA too! All of the staff at CN are awesome. I've seen some reviews about some questionable staff attitudes at some of the other resorts, but you never hear anything bad about the staff at CN. You should definitely go over to the Watersports hut and meet Jovane. That kid is freakin hilarious. Can't wait to see him next week! Also, if you are planning on getting a massage at all during your trip, the treehouse massage at CN is quite awesome. As for food, it really depends on what they have at the buffet that day. The Beach Grill probably has the same selections as the Beach Grill does anywhere else. I live off patties and jerk chicken during the day, but I'm sure you can get those at CSA. What makes CN so great is really just the atmosphere. Enjoy!

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    We would suggest stopping by the swim up bar and get a Vodka Passion by Franklin on your way to the beautiful AN beach.

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    thanks everyone! Those drinks sound great!! We are in single digit countdown now!

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