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    Default Tips for a day trip to CTI?

    Hi All,

    We will be repeaters to CSS this coming December and will be enjoying the benefit of visiting CTI for the day. We'd love to hear what not to miss at CTI. How should we spend our day?

    Thank you!

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    Although you can't schedule spa services, do walk to the spa and just enjoy the ambiance while sitting on a lounge. Get lunch at the veggie bar (sweet potato chips) and then up to the grill . Walk into the piano bar and look at the photos from when the resort first opened. Take a trip out to the island. If you don't like it, get back on the boat and return to the mainland. Have Tenisha make you her specialty. Walk out to Bayside. The restaurant is not open during the day, but you can go out enjoy and the view. Mostly, just relax.

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    Default css spoiled us for cti

    We went to cti for the day , well it was suppose to be for the day
    We walked home after about an hour and a half.
    Found it crowded compared to css, i'm sure its just because css is much more spread out.
    But it did feel like everyone congregated in the same place at cti.
    Tried to get to the island but water was too rough for the boat and had to wait, and wait some more.
    We gave up and decided to walk back to the best resort in Jamaica.
    Im sure the island would be cool for a change ,it looks cool and different provided you can get to it.
    So if I were you I'd check it out its worth that much its just not home as you will likely see.
    Let us know your thoughts, Many love cti we justed didnt and i blame css for that.
    God bless them.
    Ken & Karen

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    Us too Sunny! Our first Couples visit was to CTI but that was in 2003 so we're eager to do a day trip there to see the renovations since we were there. We'll be repeaters at CSS too in December, what day are you planning to do the trading places?

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    Try the Pizza in the main restaurant. it is not available @ CSS. It is just great! Enjoy

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    Things for CCS’ers to try at CTI ????....
    Check out the Veggie bar down by the main beach….fresh, healthy, made to order yummys.
    Take a ride out the Island, climb to the top of the Tower and take in a panorama of the beautiful hotel shoreline.
    Check out Bayside restaurant…we had dinner one night and watched as the rays went gliding past.
    Hit up the Main Pool Grill for a GREAT grilled cheese…

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