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    Default Betwixt and Between

    I think that the last three or four days before vacation begins are some of the most difficult to cope with. We aren't there yet, but we aren't really here either. I want very much to be there. But I'm still stuck here. There isn't very much to do here. All the doing has been done. Although from past experience, I know that there may be some last minute something that suddenly causes panic. "OMG. I forgot to get my prescription", or "Honey, did you get the clothes from the cleaners"........No, that's alright. I'll go and get them". There's always something.

    By this time in the countdown, 4, 3, 2 days left, just about everyone has all the major tasks taken care of. Suitcases are packed and at the front door. Tickets, passports and other docs, safely tucked into the travel folder. Mail has been stopped. Pets have been placed somewhere safe. You spoke with some of your neighbors to keep an eye on the house. Kids will be at "Gammy's". You wrote a little note to your parents telling them not to "give in" when the kids start acting up. But of course, you know that they will. That's what grandparents do.

    As far as you are concerned at this point, you are ready, willing and able to leave at this very moment. So the thought of siting around and having to endure these last couple of days or even a couple of hours, is maddening. IT'S MADDENING I TELL YOU.

    Oh, sorry for that unnecessary, completely childish outburst.
    That being said, I really feel a lot better. I can make it now. I know I can.

    Now, all this waiting and waiting and then some more waiting, is true for first timers as well as long timers.

    If this is your "first time" to journey to Jamaica and experience Couples, then there is all kinds of hope and excitement and discovery to take place. You've been hearing from one of your friends who keeps telling you haw wonderful this was and how beautiful that was. You've really had quite enough. This time it won't be someone else telling you anything. It will be you stepping off of the bus and into a world that you could never have imagined.

    If, on the other hand, you are a "repeater", then your heart and soul has already felt the warmth and love that emanates from every single corner of the resort and every person you meet.

    Handshakes and hugs, smiles and laughter is what greets you every time you return to your "resort of choice". They are glad to see us and we are very pleased to see them. That's what makes our coming back a most wonderful time.

    As repeaters, we already know what we like and where to get it. The feelings of familiarity and comfort is all around us. We are "home".

    I can't make the tick tocks go any faster. I can't snap my fingers or click my heels and suddenly be in my room. I can't run down to the beach or over to the beach grille. Not yet. I can't.

    Right now, all I can do is wait.

    I can do that.


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    Richie its wonderful to see you finally getting excited for your trip! I am getting excited right along with you! If only the calendar would jump forward passed all the winter holidays and doldrums and it was the eve of our April trip instead. but as we know they say...Soon Come mon, Soon Come!

    PS If your bags seem extra heavy when you get to Jamaica, worry not, its just our spirits hitching a ride.

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    I love your statement...."we're not there yet, but we're not here either". You couldn't have said it better! Couples Eve will be here after 10 more sleeps for us, and I can hardly think of anything else.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing!

    You are right, it IS 'absolutely maddening!' Couldn't agree more
    15 more sleeps between 'not being here' and being at CTI for us!

    Hang in there Crabracer, you are not alone and you are almost home!

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