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    Getting ready to book our honeymoon for January and wondering if we should go to CTI or CN. Wondering if anyone has been to both and what their thoughts are. We went to CN last July and really loved it and don't want to be disappointed for our honeymoon. what are your thoughts???

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    what is it you loved about CN? that would give the best indication if you'd enjoy or be disappointed by CTI.

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    If you loved CN, there's nothing better than going back to the resort you already know you love!
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    We loved everything about it, i liked how close we were for everything, did not have to walk far to get to the pool, beach or bar. food and services was amazing. It was beautifully there and well upkept.

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    if you're not HUGE on the beach and liked the compactness of the resort, i think CTI might be a good fit... the AN faclities are pretty cool and the entire property has a wonderful drama and vibe to it... food/service is fantastic... but ochi beaches doesn't compare to Negril's, so if it was the beaches and the sunset that caught your heart, stick with Negril, you might not care for Ochi as much... the beach is nice, but not nearly as nice as negril's otherwise it's a great property

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    I agree, Caleb. I'm totally biased, but while we will spend a Trading Places day at CSA this November, we will literally never go to the OR side, because between the pics, the reviews (meaning the good ones!), and the folks we have spoken with, in person, that have been to both areas, the Negril side we already love, and being divers and beach (exploration) lovers, we have been told, and come to the conclusion that, the OR side will not be our proverbial cup o' tea. If you loved CN the first time, I would just go for it, because your honeymoon is too special and too memorable a time to chance it at a resort you may not like as much. You can always hit up the OR side on your 1st anniversary!

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    CTI is compact and the beach while smaller than Negril is private. There is no one on the beach except guest of the CTI. The Ocean rooms are close enough to hear the waves. There are no nearby resorts, so there is the constant drone of the water craft in front of the resort. You are about 5 miles from OR, but there are shopping trips to go into town. You can also do Dunn's River from CTI and it's not a big trip. You are gone for a couple of hours. The landscape is totally different with the mountains in the back and the ocean in the front.

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    It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a smaller resort with a private AN island, and two other pools then CTI is it. If you want a bigger resort, in town, (for the local party @ your cost), then CN is for you. Do research and find what you want. Both resorts are GREAT, but you need to find what best fits you!!!!

    If you want long walks on a beach, it is CN. If you want a private resort, CTI is it. CTI has NO vendors on the beach, CN does.

    It is all up to YOU and what you two want!
    Irie Mon

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    You might want to consider the weather. From what people have told me, is that January can be a little iffy on the north side of the island.

    I spoke with someone that visited a different resort and it rained several days of their trip in January 2011.

    Therefore I think I would go to CN.

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    We've been to CN six times and adore it, but we tried out CTI this past April out of curiosity. We really enjoyed Dunns River Falls and the scenery from the Asian restaurant sitting over the water, but we greatly prefer CN.

    CN has a bigger beach and finer sand. Also the water is calmer and clearer for snorkeling. We also prefer the layout with one big central pool including a swim-up bar.

    Having the big pool separate from the swim-up bar at CTI is not as much fun.

    We also prefer the restaurants at CN. Of course, that may just be out of familiarity. The restaurants and hospitality at CTI were still excellent.

    We're returning to CN this fall. It's home.

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    If you have a love for CN, then you should go to CN. CN is not CTI and CTI is not CN.The resorts are different because we are all different and looking for different type of a resort. It all depends on what you like. Go with your heart and not the check book. It is your Honeymoon.
    Irie Mon

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    Our first trip was to CN, then we decided to try CTI, in October, we went back to CN again. After being at both, I can safely say we will not be back to CTI. Not that it is a bad resort by any means, but we did not like the atmosphere, beach or location as well. One thing about CTI that was a plus, the room views are fantastic.
    CN or CSA are the safer bets for sure, we love it!

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    We have been to CN and CTI. We fell in love with Couples when we first visited CN.

    This past August we visited CTI for the first time and it stole my heart. While the beach is by far nicer in Negril the style/decor of CTI was breathtaking. If they could take CTI and place it on the beach of CN it would be the perfect resort for me.

    IME it does not matter which resort you choose as any Couples will surpass your expectations!

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    SO true - the decor of CTI is breathtaking!!! Very glamorous and chic!
    We aren't beach people so the famous Negril beach doesn't tempt us. Sitting by either of the pools at CTI offers spectacular views of the Island which gives us the vibe we are looking for
    We love that the big main pool is separate from the party/swim-up bar pool. When we go away we are escaping our very social life at home for romance, peace and quiet. CTI offers that but if you and your honey are looking to make new friends you can hang out at the pool bar or go onto the Island. Some day I would like to try CSA but I may have a hard time convincing my honey to leave CTI.
    You will LOVE any of the Couples Resorts... just review your list of 'wants' and you will know which one is right for you!

    9 weeks until we return to CTI!!!

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