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    We are returning to CSA in two weeks! We are there from Nov 21 - Dec 1. We would really like to go off resort and do something one day. We have been on the search site , trip advisor, and google. Here's the thing; what are the differences between YS Falls, Mayfair Falls, and the Black River? From what we can understand, YS is like Dunn with ziplining? We would love to zipline, we love river rafting/tubing, and we have seen Appleton Rum. The pelican bar interests us, but my husband is deathly allergic to seafood so he would be hungry, yes?? Anyways, any info would be great! We've looked at their individual websites and there actually is not much information. Also, what/who is the best to book with/hire. One more thing, anyone wanna come with us ?? (FYI, we are pretty fun! ) Thanks, all!!

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    Mayfield is more natural and less crowed and touristy and is run by rastas. It is spectacularly beautiful and there are yummy rasta snacks (vegetarian) and drinks available for purchase.

    Y.S. is very touristy (but still cool). There are literally large Disneyesque trams bringing people in and out. There is a snack bar with a variety of food choices (down at the entrance) and a gift shop with limited snacks and excellent french press blue mountain coffee (up near the falls). This is where you'll want to go if you want to zip line.

    The Black River is a slow moving river with crocodiles.

    Hope this helps.

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    Pelican Bar is to die for! You don't have to eat there if your hubby is allergic to seafood. Just eat before you get there and go have a few drinks there! It is a once in a lifetime experience!

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    thanks, Guys! 13 sleeps!

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