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    Default Bathtubs in rooms at CSS?

    Hi All! I'm new to the MB. I've been following for the past few weeks and decided to sign up and give it a try!

    10 days and counting until my vaca to CSS! I celebrate my 25th birthday on August 29th and on August 30th...Jamaica here we come!

    I'm currently booked in an ocean view verandah room. I called the resort directly yesterday to confirm and get the specs on the room only to find out that they don't have tubs??? Apparently, these room types only have stand up showers, no bath tubs or jacuzzi. It sounded as if some may have a bathtub, but then they would have no shower. I'm all for soaking in a tub full of bubbles every night but I'm not too sure my fiance will be so thrilled.

    Can anyone give me the scoop on the different room types at CSS? What is the next level up? The person I spoke with yesterday said that only beachfront jacuzzi suites have bathtubs. Any others? Any suggestions?

    Thanks all!

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    the jacuzzi is a rather large bathtub. Have been to CSS 8 times and always get the Jacuzzi suites, its really nice to use but after you use it once, it seems a bit excessive, as its rather large and uses a lot of water. I am aware of the water problems in Jamaica so i always feel like i overdo after the first use, and just use the shower that is there, the shower is separate.

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    The beach front suites (Bulidings A and B) have a beautifull 2 person jacuzzi tub AND a big stand up shower.

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    There are no rooms that have a tub but no shower. If you have a tub you have a shower. There are some rooms that only have a shower but it will be a large walkin type. The one we had you could fit six people in.
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    Hey There Luckylady!

    Yes it is true that only the Beachfront Jacuzzi suites have the tubs!

    One Bdrm Oceanview w/balcony
    Beachfront Jacuzzi
    Penthouse Suites

    I have seen Verandah listed as lowest and I have seen Oceanview listed as the lowest room category, but honestly the beauty of CSS is that there is not a huge price difference in the different room categories.

    We went to CSS in 08 and are returning in 10. We had a 1 bdroom oceanview w/balcony in 08, and had thought if we ever returned that we would opt for the beachfront for the location more than anything else, but my husband who never says a word, he usually just goes along for the ride with me, said OH NO, I will not give up the 1 bdroom w/balcony, he loved the size of the room and the size of the balcony. So it is not often he makes a request, he wins.

    You will not miss it, there are hot tubs everywhere on the resort if you feel the need to soak.

    You are going to love CSS!

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    Default showers

    I think the large showers are great. It's really easy to save the resort water if you want ( I believe the only room that you would get both in is the Beach Front. I never stayed in one, so I'm not sure how the view is. The veranda's are small, but IMO they looked ok to me. Everyone I talked to that stayed in them liked them. I think they are 2 upgrades from the one you are booked in. I guess you have to decide which is more important.

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    Welcome to the message board and to the wonderful world of Couples. I hope your trip is amazing.

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