Hi All! I'm new to the MB. I've been following for the past few weeks and decided to sign up and give it a try!

10 days and counting until my vaca to CSS! I celebrate my 25th birthday on August 29th and on August 30th...Jamaica here we come!

I'm currently booked in an ocean view verandah room. I called the resort directly yesterday to confirm and get the specs on the room only to find out that they don't have tubs??? Apparently, these room types only have stand up showers, no bath tubs or jacuzzi. It sounded as if some may have a bathtub, but then they would have no shower. I'm all for soaking in a tub full of bubbles every night but I'm not too sure my fiance will be so thrilled.

Can anyone give me the scoop on the different room types at CSS? What is the next level up? The person I spoke with yesterday said that only beachfront jacuzzi suites have bathtubs. Any others? Any suggestions?

Thanks all!