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    Default Few questions re: Tim Air

    Hi - I just had a few questions about Tim Air.
    I got a rate from them of $112 per person one way. Would you recommend trying this?

    We are going to Couples Negril on Dec. 3rd for 2 weeks. (Yahoo! - first time there - second time to a Couples!) Does Couples pick you up where the helicopter lands? If so, how do you arrange this?

    How much do you tip the pilot?

    I understand the helicopter shuttle takes 15 minutes. Does it take 1 hr. to get fromt he airport to the hotel via bus?

    Is it a scenic helicopter ride? Any other information/advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    I've never done it but have read it's a very small plane and they tip 20 dollars. Good luck

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    We are set up to use Tim Air for the second time and we are looking forward to a quick trip to the resort. The first two trips to Couples Negril we took the shuttle. We didn't like the long shuttle and then the stop at a roadside snack place so others could get food and a beer( it was only about 20 minutes from the resort) It was nice to use the bathroom but, the 25 minute delay to our trip was frustrating.

    Last year we used Tim Air for the first time. The company was wonderful and very good with me as I was a little nervous about going in the small plane. Our pilot, Curtis was so cool with me. The whole time during take off and getting up in the air, he keep talking to me making sure I was doing okay. As soon as we got into the air, all fears went away when I saw Jamaica from the air. It really is breathtaking and something everyone should try. You really do miss a lot of the scenery being on the ground. It is fantastic being to the resort in 15 minutes. There was a taxi waiting. Always clarify the cost before taking it. He only charge us $5.00 and then we gave him a small tip. The resort within walking distance but, I would suggest taking as a taxi as it is crazy on that road.

    Tim Air treated us very well and I look forward to seeing our friends again. We do give the pilot a $20.00 tip. Make sure you set up the reservation so it gives you time to get through customs etc. I didn't set up the time right last year and they ended up waiting for us quit awhile. They never mentioned anything but, I felt bad. In the future, I'm planning on it taking about 1 hour to get through everything, a quick stop at couples lounge to check in and verify us using Timair. I gave a 15-20 minute window from the time we get to couples lounge, pay Tim Air and go through their small security check. Yes, plan to take the jewerly etc. off again before you get out to take their plan. They again are terrific. I would highly recommend taking Tim Air to the resort it is a lot of money but, so worth it. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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    We have been to CN 3 times and are making our 4th visit in 98 days. This time, we are arriving in daylight so we are taking advantage of TimAir to get us to the resort in 15 minutes, rather than the 1.5 hours on the bus. Not that the bus ride is bad; it is actually a great way to see some of Jamaica, but as we've done it 3 times we are ready to get to the beach ASAP. We are considering TimAir as one of our excursions when it comes to costs (I think it is around $100/person). From some of the pictures I've seen posted, you get an awesome view of the coastline.

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    TimAir (and International AirLink) fly small planes, not helicopters. The Montego Bay to Negril flight itself is typically about 15 minutes or less, but you may spend from 5 to 30 minutes after checking in at the Couples Lounge to get to the domestic terminal, check in, go through security etc. and actually take off. The flight is scenic and the Negril Aerodrome is across the street from Couples Negril.

    We've seen helicopters from "Island Hoppers" as well as their desk at the terminal and have also seen helicopters advertised from "Jamaica Customised Vacation and Tours" though we've never used them.

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    We've used Tim Air the last four consecutive years and will be using them again this month when we arrive on the 25th. We do recommend it and we particularly like using them for the return because it makes our last day more like half vacation and half travel instead of all travel. The shuttle bus or van on average usually takes about 75 to 90 minutes, depending on traffic and sometimes road construction.

    Like Softail said we tip the pilot $20. We also tip the Tim Air guys who move our bags to and from the plane at each end a buck a bag. It's not a helicopter service, they use small planes. You can see pictures of them on Tim Air's website. Which plane for any given trip depends on how many passengers they have to transport.

    It is a scenic ride along the coast. The Negril (International Airport - joking) airstrip is right across the road from Couples Negril so since we learned the lay of the land our first year we've subsequently just carried our bags across to the resort ourselves, but I'd advise you to check the traffic. It's often really speeding along and keep in mind they drive on the left side of the road in Jamaica.

    When you check in at the Couples Lounge at MBJ you need to let them know that you will be transferring by Tim Air so they can inform the resort. Tell them then if you want the resort to send a van over to pick you up when you get to Negril. If you have a van sent across I suggest you ask the driver if it's ok to tip him. He may be a Couples employee or he may not be.

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    We have used TimAir on our last two trips to CSA. They are very small planes; Bob even got to sit in the co-pilot's seat on one flight. As Curtis the pilot said, "you only have to tip me if I get you there safely." We tip $20 each way.

    As far as time savings, it has not saved us much time on the trip to CSA. We have had reservations both times. The first time, there was an issue with the plane, and it took awhile to fix it. The second time, we had to wait 25 minutes for a plane, even though we had a reservation. But where it does save you time is on the trip back. Instead of rushing around on our last morning, we can relax and even have lunch at SeaGrapes. Instead of having to leave the resort at 11:00 on the shuttle bus, we don't have to leave until 12:45 when we use TimAir. That really helps us enjoy our last morning at the resort.

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    Have used tim air ten times and the shuttle twice. It definetly is an awesome view and would recommned it if you have never done it. I would also recommend it on the way back as you do get more time at the resort and a great way to skip all the busyness of leaving the resort and the sad faces.
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    Thanks everyone for the grea information and tips. I think we will do it on the way to the resort - hubby thinks it's too much $ - but I KNOW he will love it (he thinks because it is a plane and not a helicopter, he won't enjoy it) - I will just override his decision on this one

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