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    Default What does your screen name mean?

    This may have been posted before......

    Mine= our nick names for each other.

    Less than 50 days till CSA

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    I ride a 2006 softail deluxe. Although I had to put it away for the winter last week, insert frown here!

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    Good one to start cause I do wonder alot about the names!! Ours I dont think you have to ask any questions about!! LOL

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    Last name is Randazzo & lots of people call me razzl or razzldazzl... xoxoxox

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    I love tennis - especially playing at Couples Negril!!

    Hopefully we will get some players 11/13 - 11/20!!!

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    our first inital of each name (c)chuck, (l)ori and our last name, eversole.

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    we are from yorktown, va

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    How Fun!! Mine's pretty self explanatory too. Mom to my beloved only child, Weston.

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    I lived in Boston for 22 years before I ventured to the great COUNTRY of Texas

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    Mine is the name of my late lamented Jack Russell Terrier and the county I live in.

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    My name is Yvonne and my french teacher pronounced it Avon and so the nickname started!

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    kurt and laura

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    Mine is a nick name I got in college--suzyQ for Suzzette

    Only 50 days until our 4th visit to CSS!

    One Love!

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    My middle name + my girlfriends sometimes call each other boo (hey r u?)

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    not too difficult here: Nickname from college, Blondie, born in '56.

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    when we're in jamaica, we're always like, "ya mon!" clearly, not much thought was put into this.

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    The Wall was the nickname I was given during my football days, 232 was the street I lived on back when I was originally thinking of an AOL screen name. It's stuck ever since.

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    How cool! I've often wondered about these screen names too! Ours is our initials for our first names; m(Mike), d(Dana), a(Alex, our son) and the last name Lankford.
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    Farmers in the Hoosier state of Indiana

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    This is a fun topic. We jokingly refer to ourselves as Thurston & Lovey from Gilligin's Isle, just how we would like to be if deserted on an island, LOL.

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    Love It!

    I guess I should say how we got our nick names.
    My hubby started calling me nugget when we were dating cuz I was his lil nugget hahahha
    I wish my reason was as cute, he does not look like a newt, lizard or the gray haired man
    It just popped out and stuck!

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    Mine is my nickname from my SO and our anniversary date/lucky number. Plus I thought I might actually remember something short and not have to look through the passwords list to log in.
    Now I wish I had been more creative!

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    Mine is my first name. I know, I'm boring.

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    Many years ago at CSA one of the Guest Relation Coordinators was a little on the goffy side and made up sounds and sayings that meant different things. One of the funniest was he'd walk by you and do this growl thing...kinda like a whole bunch of R's put together. Growling was his way of saying Hello, So instead of saying Hello, he'd growl at you. We'd growl back and laugh. By the end of the week the whole resort was growling at each other! So Funny!

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