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    Default Why Jamaica and why Couples?

    I have been visiting Jamaica since 1998 on a pretty regular basis.

    Since my first visit I knew this was my vacation place, my relaxation spot, my home!. I was single in
    those days and spent time on the cliffs in Negril in a hut, making breakfast for myself and drinking Red Stripes...and enjoying doing nothing.

    I found Couples a few years ago and now WE are hooked. I am married now and when we were deciding on our first vacation together...I suggested Jamaica. Gail was open to it and we spent a week at CSA. Her first experience in Jamaica was fantastic and I was happy. Since then we have spent every vacation at Couples. We are booked for CSS again in September 2012.

    The last few weeks we have been discussing a Spring vacation, can we afford it, how much time can we take off, where should we go...we have both been able to visit some great places over the years..we threw around a bunch of ideas for the vacation...but at the end of the day we agreed..go to Couples.

    Why? We love Jamaica, we love Couples, we love to relax, we love meeting new friends, we love seeing friends we met the year before...we have met some fantastic people at Couples over the last few years.

    Bottom line...We don't want to vacation any where else. We love Jamaica, we love Couples, we love the staff and the guests!

    Some day we will travel to other places together...but now we can't imagine anything better, more relaxing, more fulfilling than Couples.

    Thanks Rock!
    Chuck and Gail
    Washington DC area (Northern VA)
    CSS April 19th
    7th Trip to Couples (2xCSA 4xCSS 1xCTI)
    Too many trips to JA to count and still love it!

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    Completely agree. We do travel to other destinations as well but when we really NEED a vacation and time to reconnect, CSA is just the medicine for us.
    Speaking of which...
    Randy, would you be able to write us a refillable prescription?

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    I feel the same. When we were first married we did a few islands with my sister in law and brother in law.
    When our boys came along we did family vacations with some being family resorts in the Caribbean.
    Once the boys were away at university we decided to do a vacation for us and started to do adult only resorts. It took about 2 years at others and one day I came across Couples. We have been coming ever since except for one year when we went to another island. I love Couples and most times we go to CSA. For our winter vacation that is what we want, As has been said each year we meet some old friends and also some new friends. Absolutely we want to experience other places but for our getting away from the snow{ from Canada} and just a chillin vacation there is no better place than Couples.

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    We have been to, Grand Cayman, St. Johns, St. Martin, Nassau, Martguerita (Venezuela) St. Thomas and the Florida Keys numerous times before finding Jamaica and Couples. We loved them all and we talk about going back to all of them, but when it comes time for the planning and the discussion of what we want to do and how we want to do it, Couples Negril keeps calling us back and has now for 4 years in a row. Just can't beat it in our book but then everyone has their own expectations and likes, so you have to choose on your own.

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    Default Jamaican People

    Jamaica was our first choice for our Honeymoon in 1971. Tower Isle (now CTI) was our hotel. We traveled to many places throughout the Carribean and Europe only to return to Jamaica in 1978 to go to Tower Isle which had been changed to Couples Ocho Rios(Jamaicans first all inclusive). Jamaica attracted us because of the beauty of the Jamaican people. We know that they are the only people we have ever met who do not know what prejudice is. We have been returning to Jamaica for a little over 40 years. We have been to Couples Negril and Couples San Souci. In January we will return to CTI for the 11th Annual Couples Resorts Charity Golf Tournament. This will be our 76th trip to CTI (Tower Isle, Couples Ocho Rios). If anyone is prejudice it is Jane and I.

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