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    Default 30 somthings honeymoon Nov29-dec4 Sans Souci

    Hey we are just a newly married couple looking for some people to hang with while on our honeymoon. We've only been to RIU tropical bay. I run a few pizza places in South Dakota my wife runs a fine dinning restaurant. So excited to meet new people and have a great time. Can't wait to be there its like May of our senior year in high school with all the anticipation.

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    We are arriving on 12/2 - its our first time also. Can't wait!

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    We arrive 12/3 ---counting the hours

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    Default Great choice!

    Hey, pictureitperfect... You've picked a wonderful place to honeymoon. You will be surrounded by LOVE. Sans Souci is uniquely beautiful. My bride and I will be there for the sixth time Nov 26th to Dec 4th. We are in our 32nd year of honeymoon!

    Take the short tour if offered after you settle into your room. It helps to give a feel for the resort right off the bat. For a first night dinner, the terrace at Casanova (before entertainment) or the beach at Bella Vista can be tropically romantic.

    If you are so inclined, head over to SSB early in your stay for a truly unique experience. It is the friendliest place at Sans Souci, I promise. Many of the folks there will be a tad older in age, but delightfully young-at-heart. Couples does au-natural with class.

    Hope to see you there.

    A new marriage is like a bird just taking flight... You can't be sure where it's headed, but it is inspiring to see.

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    Hello fabfifty,
    I just wanted to say that I loved your thoughtful reply. I too just joined the "fab fifty" club this July, and I did it in style at CSS. Oh, yes I did spend everyday of my birthday week at SSB!

    One Love,

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    babcock we upgraded to the penthouse suite as well we will have to compare the rooms, i was so conflicted if i should or not. I'm 6'5" and my wife is 5"4 so when you get there you shouldn't miss us lol. Fab fifty that is very helpful thanks and amazing that your honeymoon has lasted so long, my wife is an amazing woman and I can't wait to give her the romance that is a little harder to come bye at home with work. 12 days and counting. I look forward to seeing you and your spouse. If you want to find us just look for the guy who is fully dressed, running the minute he gets there, into the ocean.

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    Default Celebrations and Romance

    Dear suzyQ... how appropriate to spend you birthday week in your birthday suit! Other than with mom (if she is still with us) (dressed, in that case) I can not think of a better place to spend one's special day.

    pictureitperfect... a man who genuinely and openly acknowledges the amazing nature of his wife is supplying powerful medicine to the health of a marriage. You are on the "yellow brick road." Make sure at least a small dose of romance is administered on a regular basis and not just saved only for special occasions. The "Great and Powerful Oz" was really just an ordinary guy with extraordinary advice to the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man. And Dorthy came to find that her real happiness was at home.

    By the way, when you run fully clothed into the sea, make sure to do it on the main beach... No clothes allowed at Sunset Beach!

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