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    Default Reggae Half Marathon & Souvenir Shopping questions

    My husband and I will be in Jamaica Nov. 30-Dec. 10 for the Reggae Half Marathon and anniversary trip. We know that the expo at the Reggae Half has a craft section set up. Does anyone know if this will suffice for getting souvenirs to take home (t-shirts, handmade items, etc.) or will we need to leave the resort for a short shopping trip? And if so, where would you recommend? We'll be at CN from 11/30-12/3 and then transferring to CSS for the remainder of our trip.

    Any guidance you can provide to a couple of newbies would be greatly appreciated!

    24 days ...

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    Hi Bubba & Goofy,

    Sorry I don't have any advice regarding the souvenir shopping, but I want to say good luck! My SO & I are thinking of doing the Reggae Full (he is) and the Half (me), in 2012. We'd love to hear firsthand about the event!

    Cheers, Sunny
    CSS 11/20/10-11/27/10
    CSS 12/17/11-12/24/11 where we'll be running on the treadmill!

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    Default running at CSS

    You don't need to run on a treadmill at CSS they have a track that goes around both a pond and the tennis courts.
    It says it is 1/3 of a mile but when I first ran it I realized its more like 1/4 mile or I improved my running by a lot.

    I have run it many times, little uneven but way better than a treadmill.

    Very jealous about the race in Negril!

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    Default thanks!

    Sunny, we will post an after-race and trip message, so just keep an eye out for a post from Bubba & Goofy sometime after December 10.

    We are really looking forward to the race, especially b/c the time limit for the Half is the same as for the Full, so we will have 7 hours to walk our 13.1 miles. Normally we run-walk-run, but with the heat and humidity in Jamaica, and the fact that it is on our exact anniversary, we will probably just take a leisurely walk and enjoy all the sights (and the music!).

    We've done several Disney Half Marathons, and a few at home in San Diego, but the ones you travel to just seem like more fun.

    Anyone looking to really amp up their vacation, look for Half Marathons all around the world. Imagine running a Half Marathon in Rome or Greece or Bermuda? Just way too fun.

    The best thing about our Jamaica trip is we will spend the first three days with race activities and relaxing, and the last eight days scuba diving. That should be a great way to recover from a race.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    22 days (I hope the time flies by!)

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    Sorry, this isn't a response to the original post at all either (but I agree that info about the expo would be great)... I just wanted to say that I'm thinking about the 2012 full marathon... I'm doing the Disney Tinker Bell in January 2012 and think it would be a great goal to work up to my first full marathon in Jamaica!

    Any advice or suggestions, or tips, or info... or anything Reggae Marathon related would be much appreciated and I'm looking forward to your review Bubba&Goofy

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    Default Tinkerbell!

    Hey, I'm doing the Disney Tinkerbell Half in January too! We should meet up at registration/expo. If you've never done a Disney running event before, you are in for a real treat. They make it so much fun.

    Send me an email at and we can talk more about it there.


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    Have a great race Gayle! Can't wait to hear all about it. We might do it next year. Also, I don't know the answer to the expo question, but it is very easy (and not time consuming) to take a cab into Negril Town to go shopping if you don't find all that you are looking for. Enjoy!

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