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    Default Calling all CSS lovers!!

    Tell me about the food and drink, and ambiance. I think I have changed my mind from CSA to CSS and I have looked on CSS page on this site to get a feel for the place, lol, even did a forum search. I like the fact that the beach is private and it's a quieter atmosphere, which is exactly what hubby and I are looking for. Well, that and REALLY GOOD FOOD!!

    I did enjoy my stay at CSA, but there were a couple of rowdy crowds there that my husband found irritating and from what I keep reading, more people have written in about the wedding parties, CSA seems to be the place for weddings these days .We're just looking forward to a quieter resort. Not that were fuddy-duddys, as we loved the people we met on our last trip!

    Anywayyyyy- Would LOVE to hear about experiences at CSS, it truly looks gorgeous!

    thanks in advance!
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    If you want a quieter but gorgeous resort with great food, you will love CSS.

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    We were at CSS in early September. We chose CSS because we needed a relaxing vacation, and we definitely got it! We were in a Beachfront Suite. I loved the suite and the fact we were so close to the ocean. The food was great, the staff wonderful, and the people we met were some of the best. We spent most of the day at the au natural beach. This may not be something you would enjoy, but we had a great time every day. The bartender, "G," was great. There were a couple of service issues during the stay, but nothing that would keep us from coming back again.

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    We are TRULY addicted to CSS!!!!!! Our trip in December will be our 3rd trip, and we already have our 4th trip scheduled for July 2012!

    What I Love about CSS:
    1. I love the staff--from the folks at the front desk or Margaret in Guest Relations they all welcome you with a smile and their favorite phrase is "No Problem" to every request. I also love being called "M'Lady" when I'm there. I still haven't convinced my husband to afford me that same courtesy yet, but I'm working on it!
    2. I love our room. We always book a penthouse suite--we love the large balconies and the views are amazing.
    3. The food is AWESOME!!! The food at Casanova's is my favorite. I love the lamb chops, the friendly leisurely pace of the meal, and the wonderful service! Lobster Night on Wednesday is great at all the restaurants, but it's especially great at Casanova's. If you are a fan of soups, the lobster and shrimp bisque are to die for!!!! I can't leave out the wonderful breakfasts at Pallazina! The made to order, eggs, pancakes, and waffles are sooooo good. We also love the Beach Grill, which becomes Bella Vista in the evenings, for its wonderful patties and jerk. They also serve up a mean pizza too. Oh, I can't forget the room service menu--try the nachos--they are great too!
    4. Sunset Beach: The atmosphere at the AN beach is amazing. No body image judgements, just happy friendly people enjoying themselves without clothes. Jheanel, our favorite bartender at SSB knows my favorite drink and starts making one for me the minute she sees me!
    4. Management Staff: Pierre, the GM, greets us with a smile and a hearty welcome back everytime he sees us! This just makes me smile!
    5. There are sooo many things that I love about CSS--but the phrase is true--once you go you know.

    You will LOVE CSS and I am sure you and your SO will too!

    One Love,

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    CSS is gorgeous! It does seem to be a quieter resort, but at the same time it is easy to make friends & socialize while there if you want. The entertainment crew is fantastic! It is one of the main reasons why we switched from CN (bad service experience). The penthouse suites are fantastic- especially D14, but the beachfront jacuzzi suites are perfectly fine if you cant splurge. I lucked into a Wednesday sale that year! There are a lot of steps, but there are so many little nooks and crannies to explore around the resort for the romantic ambiance. The Friday night gala is beautiful and the food is delicious! The repeater's dinner is a must. Pierre has a little game at the end of it to win prizes- excursion credit/gift/jewelry shop/spa, etc. I do enjoy the fact there are no vendors at the water line like you have at the other resorts. If you go, say hello to DJ, the pottery man. I bring him paints, and every year he would paint me a vase for free since it is so hard to get supplies there at a decent price.
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    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
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    We have been to many resorts, in and outside of Jamaica. I remember CN was our favorite till we went to CSS. The first 3 days I was longing for CN, but then We were converted. Everyone has their favorite, and we still love and go other places but CSS is really special too us.
    You will compare, but give it a few days, to give it a good assessment.
    Everyone's taste is different, but we love the food the most @CSS. Book the Casanova, go to repeaters, Friday night Gala. It is all lovely.
    You are right about how gorgeous the resort is. I believe it has the most natural beauty. It is lush, with mature foliage. Awesome views, nooks and cranies to explore, you will always find something new. We have been there 4 times now, and I still find new things to discover.
    It is a quieter resort, I can't remember any rowdy crowds there. We have always met wonderful interesting people. You can be as quiet or as social as you want. You can be at the mineral pool, main pool, at the beach or over @SSB. The place is large and spread out so you can feel like you are all alone if wanted.

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    What to say! But we love both resorts! But if total peace and serinity is what your after this trip! Then you can't go wrong with CSS.. The hubby and I really enjoyed the drinks in the balloon bar! But we have decided for us that CN is the happy medium. We did however make many Jamacian friends at CSA that we miss dearly. But thanks to trading places we still get to see them. Looking forward to making new friends at Negril.. 14 days and 10 hrs until we are at home in Negril!! Did I mention the stunning beach at CN??

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    Calgontakemeaway, Can you please tell me what kind of paints you bring DJ, I love him, and would like to bring things too. Thanks Ang.

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    We were at CSS last month and loved it! The beach is small, unlike Negril, but the property is gorgeous. Our friends who were with us said the food was better than food on cruise ships, and the staff was absolutely delightful! If you want a laid back vacation, I would definitely choose CSS.

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    I know fans of each Couple's property are passionate about their favorite, and reading about CSA almost makes us want to visit....BUT....we simply cannot imagine ourselves anywhere other than CSS. We waited so long before finally getting the opportunity to go somewhere, and then it exceeded 19 years of expectations. We will return for our third year in a row in June 2012. Others have already hit on the highlights. We love the quiet, secluded feeling throughout the property. The spa, the food, the staff and Sunset Beach...all simply the best. You will not be disappointed.

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    Well, we've been to CSA, CTI and CSS. Since it's a private beach and quieter atmposhere you're looking for, I think you've made the perfect choice.
    Not that we found CSA "loud". There weren't any disruptive wedding parties at the time, but overall, with being on a public beach, it just doesn't feel quite so secluded as CSS.
    We absolutely loved the grounds at CSS, even more so than CSA. Yes, there are lots of steps... but that's good, as I needed some way to walk off all that great food. Do walk all around the resort and check out every corner at some time or another, and visit sunset beach at sunset and hear the sax player. I don't recall that at CSA.
    The food was great at all Couples, but being able to dine on a private beach at Bella Vista was special, as was the setting at Cassanova, both indoors and outdoors. Pallazina was such a nice setting for breakfast, looking over the manicured lawn to the beach. The Balloon bar at night is I think my fav night time Couples spot so far. Loved that it's so open to the patio and the pretty pool there. The beach party at CSS was the best we've been to, and the Gala on the lawn was wonderful.
    The sand may not be as nice as in Negril, but we loved the quiet and privacy of the CSS beach, and the shallow calm water for floating. Kayaking along the shore to the spa area is fun.
    Don't miss the spa area. Even if for some reason you don't use their services, do go for a walk on that side and check out all the spa huts on the hillside. We even took a drink and wandered over at night and just stood on one of the balconies looking out over the water. So peaceful.
    Oh, and don't miss the secluded hot tub above the mineral pool. We spent several evenings there. Only once when we planned to go we heard another couple in it and went elsewhere to give them their privacy.
    CSS is peaceful and romantic and wonderful.
    ALL the Couples resorts are fabulous in their own ways. I'm sure you'll find CSS a great choice. Enjoy!

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    We were at CSA two weeks ago. We met a couple who had been to CSS and raved about it and liked it much better than CSA. Our next trip to a Couples resort will be CSS.

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