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    Default CSA offsite exploring

    My husband and I were thrilled to book our second vacation to Couples by taking advantage of the pre-Halloween deal and are going to check out CSA this time (sounded quieter/more relaxed/better beach than CTI, where we had an absolute ball of course).

    I'm wondering about possible sightseeing in Negril; I'm very curious about the Royal Palm Reserve and The Great Morass. Has anyone been? How long does it take to get there? Is it worth it? How did you arrange transportation/tour/etc?

    On a totally separate note.... will bartenders bring drinks to you on the beach like they do at CTI? I thought this was a Couples-common thing but need to make sure otherwise have to plan for all the bar hikes since I promised hubby he wouldn't have to.


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    Yes, the have flag service on teh beach at CSA. Speaking of the beach, one of our favoorite off site trips is a wlak down the beach to meet and talk to the locals. Standing on teh beach facing the water, thru right and start walking. When you get to the gaurd station, check out with the guard. Then go meet Jamaica! HAve some drinks at the little bars along the beach. Shop the trinket shops. If you are offers some thing you do not want, politly say "No Thanks" with a smile. Or say No I am just eye shopping to day. Do not tell them you will buy something later as they will likely remember you and expect you to buy it next time they see you. Go have fun

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    Walking the beach is wonderful, only we went left as your facing the water. No thank- you works really well if your not interested in what a beach vendor is selling. Along with Bearso advise don't tell them you dont have any money on you as an excuse either cause they will give it to you and want payment later. Dont waste thier time trying not to hurt their feeling if your really not interested; they have other people to ask. I guess I saw this happen a couple time while there last year and you could tell the beach vendors this happened to were a little upset.

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    get a private driver head to mayfield falls the light house on the west end have lunch in sav-la-mar or head to beautiful bluefiled beach. we get off the property every trip to really see JAMAICA and the people that make it great!
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    This is great info! Thanks everyone. I was wondering about wandering along the beach, the idea of it was another reason we decided on CSA so I'm so happy to hear it's an option. I wondered too about the lighthouse, so thanks for the scoop! How do I hire a private driver? What's the going rate on something like that? I remember last time we loved our driver who took us to CTI, I think he did tours. Uncle Shorty. I wonder if I still have his card...

    Anyone been to The Great Morass or Royal Palm Reserve? Mixed reviews on the T.A. website.

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    I've read on some threads about some of the offsite excursions available at various resorts, are those that are offered through CSA available on the website somewhere? I didn't see them. Thanks!

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