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    Default CSA Oct. 26-Oct. 30th 2011 review

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    We had very high expectations going in as I have been reading the message board since I booked 7 months ago. (I must have asked atleast 5 people if they read the MB and not one said they did. I find that odd. ) Anyway, overall our stay was good. Our room was great as we had a first floor beachfront verandah suite. The bamboo bar was almost right across from our room. We had no problem getting a covered hut most days. The first 3 days the sea reminded us our our beaches back home in Rhode Island. Alot of waves that knock you over, but by our last day the sea was calm like we had expected. We were able to take a sun-fish out for a sail and that was great. We used the fitness center everyday. Expect to sweat profusely if you do because it is open-air. Nice equipment and smoothy bar. I did not find the vendors on the beach to be a bother at all. Security is always around to keep them moving if you are not interested. We had one man play his guitar and sing for us and he was fabulous. We gave him a tip which he appreciated. I also bought 3 bracelets from a woman selling on the beach. I know I could do better on e-bay as I by quite a bit from that site, but I figured I was helping the Jamaican economy. We ate the first night at Lemongrass and although Thai food is not really our favorite, what we did like we REALLY liked. Most deserts we had were fabulous. My husband had the creme brulee but he didn't love it because the sugar is grainier? than what we are used to in the states. I thought it was fine. Don't miss the warm coconut tapioca pudding at Lemongrass. Yum! Breakfast was wonderful everyday. We ate at Patois the first morning and I knew I had to try the banana stuffed french toast since so many of you raved about it! You were right! Delish! Dinner at Patois wasn't as wonderful, for me anyway. I had steak and it was like shoe leather. I loved dessert, though! Friday night because the weather was iffy, they decided to have the party indoors. Quite a selection, but food ok. My husband loved the flavor of the goat curry but not keen on all the bones in it. The palms breakfast buffet was very good. The staff wasn't as friendly as we expected. Although, Curtis at the wellness bar is fantastic. So much fun to talk to! We also hoped to have pictures taken of us in the restaurants but could never find a photographer around! (only on the beach did we see one but I want pictures when I look nice, not beach!) Very frustrating! Would we go back? Probably not as there are many other places to go in this world.

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    This makes me really sad. We leave in 29 days and I am so excited because I've pretty much read nothing but awesome reviews. My heart dropped a little when I read this

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    uscgrad98 - do not be discouraged by that review! we went there oct 4-12 and i have thought about it every day since we got back. we just loved it there and it was perfect for our honeymoon.

    we stayed in the atrium suite and loved it! the balcony is huge & a nice place to relax. the bed was comfortable and even though we could hear the music from the palms restaurant, we slept like babies....except the first day, b/c i was way too excited to sleep in!

    the food was great....ate wayyyy too much. lemongrass was our favorite, but we LOVE thai also, we are simple people and really enjoyed the cabana grill, and especially their hours (open until 5am! not that we were up that late). the banana stuffed french toast, as lisa said, is amazing...yum!

    now on to the drinks.... there were so many to choose from, it was hard to decide! our fav was definitely the dirty banana and i also loved the cherry fizz.

    the beach was amazing...such soft, white sand and perfectly clear water. we went snorkeling twice and parasailing.

    the vendors can get annoying but not bad, just don't make eye contact and you'll be fine, haha. most of them are friendly and will take no for an answer.

    we would definitely go back! we want to see other places a well, but i will definitely hit up CSA again for an anniversary or something, or maybe try CN....definitely one of these 2 though as we loved negril!

    enjoy paradise in 29 days!!

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    Lisa I'm sorry that your vacation at CSA didn't turn out like you would have expected. You are right that there are plenty of other places to go if you weren't totally satisfied with your stay. We were also not that impressed with the Friday night beach party. There was an impressive amount of food but some of the seasonings weren't to our liking.
    Uscgrad don't take every review to heart on here or on the TA website. Everyone has their own experience and your vacation will not be the same as theirs. Lisa mentioned that the staff wasn't as friendly as she had expected. On our first trip to CSA three years ago we had the same experience the first night with a shy waiter at the Patois restaurant. After that we made sure that we talked to our wait staff and included them in on our vacation by asking them about themselves or telling them about us. When you talk to the staff like you would talk to an old friend they open up and their awesome Jamacian personalities really come through. We also spend a few nights around the piano with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura Lounge and the bar tenders there are awesome. We'll be back home on December 3rd and maybe we'll see you there. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    uscgrad98 - do not be discouraged by that review! We are heading home on Nov 5 for our 15th stay since 2005 and 3rd this year. While there are many other places in world to see none offer what CSA has - the most beautiful beach in the world, the most beautiful people and great music. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Jamaica and CSA and you will always want to come home. Once you go you know. Enjoy your trip!

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    Uscgrad98, Everyone has their own unique 'take' on CSA and what they enjoy(ed) or not... It's ok!!! CSA and her people have captured our hearts and we can't wait for our 10th trip home. 22 days from today we will be returning to our happy place!!! Enjoy. Razzl xoxoxox

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    That wasn't a bad review at all! Plus, they started out the review by saying they had such high, please just go have fun. We went to CSA for 10 year anniversary and then back again a couple years later and we are going for our 3rd time in 2013. It's the most beautiful place I've ever been and some people like to try out different locations. You never know, they may go somewhere else and then see that CSA really is better than other places.

    Good review by the way. Thanks for posting it.

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    My wife and I were there Oct 19th - 29th and it was just as wonderful as we remembered. We'd never seen
    the sea that rough but with Hurricane Rina off the coast, it was to be expected. By the morning of our
    departure, it was back to being as calm as can be.
    From our experience, we've noticed that many Jamaicans are reserved until you initiate conversation
    with them. This goes for everyone on the island, not just the resort staff.
    We'll be back... and we're not going to wait 5 years this time!

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