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    Default Returning to CSA for the 5th time!

    We'll be returning to CSA on Dec. 1 with eager anticipation. Every year has been such a wonderful experience I can't imagine booking a different resort.

    In past years we've vacationed in Hawaii and Barbados. I don't expect to try those places or any others any time soon as long as we can book CSA.

    Each year I have such high expectations when arriving at the resort I worry that I'll be disappointed in something but it always seems to get better.

    Watch out CSA, we're on our way!

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    See you there. It'll be our fourth to CSA and fifth to Couples!

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    I wish there was a "Green with Envy" smiley I could use because I'm JEALOUS!!!!!!
    Seriously-Have an awesome time!! I LOVE CSA!
    Back to Couples April 2012

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    Love it it gets better and better each time you go!!! we return for the 13th time Dec 11!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    You lucky dogs!

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