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    Default Morning Spin classes @ CSA

    Just wondering...does CSA offer morning spin classes yet? The reason I am asking is the last time we were there, they only offered late afternoon classes. I really wanted to to take them but by that time I had already been on the beach for a few hours sipping rum punch and I just dont think spinning & rum mix It would be nice if they had them in the morning....

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    Hi there,

    I'll be the spin instructor at CSA, August 12-19, and according to the schedule I got, I'll offer spin on Wednesday and Saturday morning. But I'll also teach the group fitness classes, so I think that we have some freedom to change things up a bit according to our skills and preferences so if I had it my way, I'd teach more spin classes than that... but I guess it's up to the instructor you have the week you're going.

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    There are a couple morning cycle classes. They alternate with the aerobics and body pumping classes, which could also be dangerous after too much rum. It would be nice to have more of the classes in the morning, rather than the evening (currently there is 1 morning class and 2 evening classes), given the sun and all-inclusive alcohol. There is also a yoga and Pilates class daily and they alternate daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Maybe you do the 10 a.m. class on the days cycle isn't offered in the morning?

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    More specific question about spin at CSA - last year it was offered (I think) at 9:30AM and then again in the afternoon. Does anyone know if it has ever been offered earlier?? I love spinning, but by 9:30 i'm ready for the beach!

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    The morning fitness classes are from 9-10 followed by alternating yoga or Pilates from 10-11. Currently, there are no classes earlier than 9 a.m..

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