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    Hi, I am looking to get married at CSA and was wondering if anyone had set up a video camera to tape their wedding and if this is allowed by couples. I just want to set up my tripod and video the wedding without having anyone manning the video camera.

    Also any advice on hair/make-up, planning the wedding?

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    We handed our video camera to someone we met at the swim up bar. She was more then happy to help us out and tape the cermony. Only problem is she didn't move up close enough to us and you cant really hear everything. It was a bit breezy and their is allot of wind noise in our video. I dont think they will care at all if you set up a tripod! In fact we had someone we met at the resort follow the resort photographer around and take duplicate snap shots and they didnt care. We purchased the package of 24 but have all 200 on our own camera! Most of the hair and makeup I saw coming out of the salon looked great. You have to remember this is mostly ALL this gal does. Wedding hair 24/7. I am a stylist by trade so I did my own hair, but if all I did was wedding styles I would be a pro at it!!!

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