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    Default How many Atrium suites are there?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering how many atrium rooms are on the property?! We leave in 25 days, this is the room category we booked and are very excited about that! The weekend we are going the resort is booked! Its going to be a busy and exciting weekend! The map alludes to leave me to believe they are toward the middle of the resort some with beach views! Any info would be exciting to hear!

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    The Atriums are our favorit room and the reason we picked CSA the first time we went. They really do look like the pictures. They are in fact in the middle of the resort ( ocean to road )and closer to Palms, (Palms to Patios) . A few of the room do have a little ocean view. If your a light sleeper bring earplugs, tree frogs at night can be LOUD!!!! And once you close your shutters room because quite cool.
    Not sure how many there are, not enough if you ask us. But,beacuse there are only 312 rooms total at the resort even if the resort is booked its not going to feel like it beacuse of how spread out CSA is, no worries mon. Your going to love CSA!!!

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    I can't be positive, but I believe from looking at the satellite view on GoogleMaps that there are about 11 or 12 bungalows that are in the Atrium Suite category; each of these bungalows has 4 suites.

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    I looked at the map and it looks like 13 atrium room buildings. I have stayed in 2 with an ocean view, and my last trip it had a wonderful garden view that I liked best ( more private). You will not notice the resort is full, have been there twice when full, and never noticed. Also, the atrium suites that are next to the verandah suites are actually closer to the Greathouse ( I stayed in that area one time). Road noise is not a problem with the atrium suites.

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    Thanks guys!

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    Hi all:

    There are 48 Atrium Suites at CSA. And since you asked,

    24 GreatHouse Verandah Suites

    110 Garden Verandah Suites

    48 Ocean Verandah Suites

    48 Beachfront Verandah Suites

    20 Beachfront Suites

    4 GreatHouse Jacuzzi Suites

    Couples Resorts

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    And there you have it.... thanks Randymon!

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    We call "dibs" on one of the 48 Atrium Suites in 13 Days 21 Hours -- thanks for saving it for us!!

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    Oh thank you randymon, see you very soon!

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    Does anyone know which atrium rooms have a partial ocean view? do you all have hammocks? Opinions on first or second floor?

    We're returning for our 5 year anniversary in April. Couldn't come sooner!

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    All Atriums have hammocks!!!!! Second floor is more private. Any room at CSA is a good room!

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