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    Default beach night on our 20 year...

    My hubby and I will be giving Jamaica and CSS a try at the end of March first week of April. I am hoping that all of you wonderfully informative couples addicts will be able to help us decide what we should do about our 20 year anniversary night? You see it falls upon the only Tuesday we will be there. The same night as the Beach shindig! From what I have read it is not to be missed, but a nice dinner alone might be more appropriate. Is there private seating at the event? If we had room service, would we miss all the evenings delight?

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    At the beginning of the beach party, the guests are given time to eat before the entertainment starts, so you would still have time to enjoy the entertainment if you have an early room service dinner. There's no private seating at the event, but they might still do private dinners (the ones you pay for) a bit apart from the event, then you can go right over and catch the show!

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    I bet they would bring you a nice anniversary dinner to your room. Do a romantic dinner in your room and then go enjoy the entertainment. Make sure you let them know it's your anniversary. Have fun!

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