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    Default Online Booking Error Code

    I'm trying to book online for Mar, 2012. When I go to charge my card, it gives the "checking credit card" message, then it says "error". An error "i" shows by the cvc code. I tried my card, my wifes, and a second card with the same error. Anybody run into this before?


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    Ok, well after trying for a day, it suddenly accepted it! Our 3rd visit is now officially booked for May!

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    Yep... Don't know why. Just call Couples during business hours. I'm guessing you were trying to reserve before the new higher rates take effect. In my experience they are pretty understanding, and Couples will probably try to book you with the rate you would have gotten yesterday.

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    Congrats jimbo248 on getting that 3rd visit finally booked!!! wooohoooo!!!

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