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    Default CSS Robes and SSB

    Does anyone know if you can walk around at the resort in a robe. We were thinking if we could wear our robes back and forth to SSB, it'll save alot of packing. We plan on being there Sunup to Sundown anyway!!!! 10 days and 6 hours away!!!!

    Zack and Melissa

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    Hi Zack and Melissa,
    I must say that I have not seen anyone wearing their robes to SSB. My husband and I are there from morning until after sunset. I wear a suit with a cover up because we go to breakfast first, and I don't think a robe would be appropriate in Pallazina. I think you would be more comfortable wearing a suit with your cover up and hubby with swim trunks and a t-shirt. You don't have to pack many suits and cover ups because they never get wet. We each take 2 suits and rotate for the 8 days that we are there.

    Hope this helps! Have a wonderful trip!

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    LOL....go for it

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    Thanks suzyQ. We were more just thinking about the walk to and from SSB, or one of the Hot Tubs at night. Not really for breakfast at Pallazina. LOL 2 suits sound like a good idea. 9 days 3 hours and 28 Minutes til a nice cool Red Stripe!!!!!!!

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    Hi ZandM,
    Have a wonderful trip! Maybe you will start a new robe trend! My husband likes your idea--except that he would miss his morning blue mountain coffee Pallazina before we head over to SSB!:-)


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    Sarongs work great - I would just put one on with nothing under and it was easy to take off once we got to SSB. My husband wore swim trunks and a T-shirt. I liked walking around the resort with just my sarong on and my husband liked knowing I was AN underneath
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
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    Just thought, the robes are a bit heavy, in my opinion. As a female, I would opt for sundress or coverup.

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    Like the idea. We like to wander back to the main beach for lunch and may have got a few looks in our robes. Shame the whole resort is not AN - that would solve the problem:-)

    Back in February 2012 and counting the days!

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