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    We went to CSA last April and loved it! It is a dream come true paradise! We are going back in March 2010 and were wondering two things: Has anyone gone to CSA and then done the "Romance Rewards" visit to CN? If so, how is it and is it worth it? How do you get to CN? Second question, has anyone walked from CSA to CN (or vice versa) on the beach? If so, how long did it take and is it a fun thing to do or too long of a walk and a bad idea? Thanks fellow Jamaica vacationers!

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    We haven't done the Trading Spaces program yet, but will use it next October to check out CN. You have to sign up for it and I believe the bus leave at 9:45am and comes back about 4pm. You should definitely check it out. And to answer your second question. I don't believe you can walk from one resort to the other because there is an area of land/rocks that juts out into the sea that you can't get around to get to CN. Other people have asked the same question and were told there was no way to walk to CN unless you used the main road....which you don't want to do. Have fun!

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    Great question! I have never been to either Couples in Negril, so I think this will be on my list to do also. I would love to hear some personal experience of doing the trading places deal. Do you feel sort of out of place? Is it worth the use of a whole day? I guess you could just cab it back and forth under your own schedule as well right?

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    We did Trading Places to CSA when we were at CN in April. It's only a 10 minute ride between resorts; you cannot walk the beach due to the rocks/cliffs in between. CN sits on a separate cove from the rest of 7 mile beach, it's very calm so perfect for water skiing and other water sports (not much to see snorkeling). We didn't feel out of place at CSA, enjoyed the beach and lunch, but wished we had a place to park our stuff while we were there. We took a cab back to CN rather than wait for the shuttle because it was rained hard that afternoon. The program was offered only on Mon-Wed-Fri so recommend signing up right away as it was limited to 10 couples.

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    We haven't done the Trading Places but when we were at CSA this past April friends of ours from CN did it and they loved it. They didn't feel out of place at all. They packed their beach bag, parked themselves on the beach and hit the bar! But yes, if you decide you want to go back, you can get a cab.

    As for walking from CSA to CN, you can't do it from the beach because they aren't connected. You'd have to do it from the road, which wouldn't be as much fun of a walk.
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    Have not personally walked to the other bay but plan to next April. The old message board had a thread providing directions but I can`t find it now. I did make notes.

    .TO BLOODY BAY---exit beach @Our Past-time and enter beach at Sunset at the Palms

    FROM BLOODY BAY--exit at SATP and enter at Ray`s Watersports(Our past-time)

    Sorry I don`t know the distance or times but hopefully someone who does will provide more details . As for Trading Places we will definitely use the shuttle and/or cab. We do want to try this walk and would appreciate more info from those that know why they don`t recommend it. Is it because or the time it takes or the danger of the road portion?

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    if you wish to walk from cn to csa here is something that is "doable"
    You walk to the left out of cn up to gln and pass thru their lobby worst case they will stop you however they do not have wrist band either you can then walk across the drive to hedo and simply explain you are next door and looking to access long bay beach. hedo will escort you thru the property to beach and you are on your way - enjoy

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