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    Default CSS and the food choices


    We will be returning home in March for our 4th trip to Couples. We will be staying at CSS, we have been to all other locations besides CSS.

    I know each resort is known for certain food items that are incredible (CSA- Banana stuffed french toast, etc.) My question is what is CSS know for? I am a picky eater, I do not like seafood or pasta. I looked at menus, but I am just curious does CSS have food items that stand out and are must try's?

    As the temps in the Midwest drop I am finding myself looking at pictures and planning out our trip 132 days in advance

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    I think my favorites were the spicy fries and daily jerk selection at the beach bar (becomes Bella Vista in the evening) and the fried plantains in the morning. Everything was soooo good, but I am not sure if I can think of a stand-out favorite. The soups at dinner were yummy, but you wouldn't care for my fav, the ceviche. My boyfriend still talks about the omlet bar station at breakfast. Also, the repeaters dinner was very much worth attending, IMHO. We'll be there the 1st week of March, so I know what you mean about long term plans!

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    I can't say that CSS is known for a particular dish but I can share with you my favorites! At Casanova's the lamb chops are spectacular!!! They also do wonderful beef filets that are so tender you don't need a knife!!! During the day the Beach Grill has amazing beef and chicken patties as well as awesome jerk chicken and pork. In the evenings, the Beach Grill becomes Bella Vista and you can have a fabulous meal right on the beach. For breakfast, Pallazina does wonderful salt fish and ackee--the national dish of Jamaica. I think you will have a wonderful food experience at CSS!!!

    Happy dining!

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    We usually go to CSA, but tried CSS in 2009. I think our favorite dish at CSS that I have never seen at CSA was the escargot at Pallazzina for dinner. They were cooked perfectly and were delicious.

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    Well lobster night wont do a thing for you if you dont like seafood...but it sure did a number on me and my belt line. For the repeaters dinner we had a perfectly cooked beef I highly recommend you try that whenever you see it on the menu. The marlin quesadillas from room service are the best, and the chocolate filled croissants at palazina for breakfast are the best...but they go quick. im hungry and am stuck with some eggo waffles! lol

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    BobandJudy, my first thought was that escargot, as well. Since they changed the focus of Cassanova to be a bit more casual and continental (as opposed to "fancy French"), it disappeared. However, the escargot seems to have made a re-emergence, at least on the sample menu at Casanova. (I'll confirm after the 19th, as we'll be there in a week.)

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    We had escargot at Casanovas in October. It was wonderful!

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