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Thread: December 2013

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    Will be visiting CSA for the first time from 12/22/13 - 01/02/14. Shelly and I are stoked.


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    Awesome job on the speadsheet!! And congrats on the rottie puppies! They are my favorite breed and I have my 1st rottie tattoo'd on my ankle!
    If you want to update our names for our December trip...
    1. It's Heather & Jim - we're the ones getting married 12/07/13!
    2. Eddie & Eileen
    3. Marc & Ashley
    4. Jim & Angela
    5. Katie & Kevin
    6. Troy & Mandy
    7. Heidi & Mike

    We're all from Milwaukee, WI!

    can't wait to get there!! 5 months from tomorrow is our wedding day! <3

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    Steve looks like we will be there same time as you. Looking forward to meeting some repeat guest. Hope to become one ourselves!!

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    Hi Citybiz and welcome to the Couples Family. I'm sure you're going to love CSA. It'd be a pleasure to meet you. Our usual hangout is on the beach just to the left of the water sports shack. We're within striking distance of the beach bar and the Seagrapes Cafe. Our flight is the early one from NY on Saturday and if all goes well we'll be in the water or at the Cafe just after noon. If you have any questions just ask. By the way, do either of you happen to play golf? I usually try to get a round or two in while there and my golf buddies aren't going to be with us this trip. Only 143 days and one sleep till we're home again!
    Enjoy, Steve

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    Steveg52 We will be there on Fri I think around 3. We will look for you the next day. My husband does play but he had shoulder surgery and cant play anymore. Maybe we can have a few drinks together. We are fairly easy to spot hubby is 6'2 and I am just 5'. Counting down the days!!!!!!!

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    Returning for 11th visit to CSA (12/6-12/14) and participating in the Reggae Marathon for the third time.

    Scott & Kelly
    Madison, WI

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    Hello Fellow December CSA family! Wow, it is crazy to think that we are half way through the year, bringing us that much closer to our 2nd home? Needless to say, Let the countdown begin!

    Mike and i are excited for our 3rd trip to CSA however we are sad, and ecstatic at the same time: sad because our daughter and her husband were to join us in paradise and had to cancel their trip. Sniff sniff.

    Now to the happy part, they cancelled their trip because they are expecting a baby in February!!!! Grand baby number 3 is cooking in the oven and we are thrilled! Grandchildren are the best!

    Still can't believe that I will have 3 grand babies and only be 47, well that just makes me one super cool Nana!

    See you all soon!

    Countdown to paradise!


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    year is flying by!!! just over 22 weeks till back home cant wait
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Tammy and Mike - sorry to hear about the kids not coming but congratulations on the newest, soon to be addition, to your family. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon.

    I just heard from Zazu (Larry and Judi) from Ogden Valley Utah. Due to health reasons, they've had to cancel their split trip to Jamaica (CSS and CSA) this year. Larry and Judi were to celebrate their 55th Anniversary during their stay at Couples. Please keep them in your prayers and hopefully we'll be able to see them soon. Monica and I have had the pleasure of sitting with them at the Repeater's dinner the last few years and will miss their company.

    I've made all the corrections, additions, and deletions that have been posted and hope that the list is up to date.

    CSA dec 2013 ver 3 wo_pics.xls

    Schwags - here's a photo for you - Still looking to place 1 female if you know of anyone that has a good indoor home.

    Name:  photo (3).JPG
Views: 252
Size:  101.7 KB

    139 days and counting!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Congratulations on your new puppies. I'm sorry to hear you lost 3 of the males. Rottweilers are the absolute best dogs. We currently have a 5 year old female. She is the 3rd one we have owned and all have been a great part of the family.

    Our trips overlap by a day so I hope we can meet this year.

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    SO cute! Wish I could have another dog now! Thanks for sharing the puppy pic! Made my day better!

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    I just love seeing the December 2013 post with new messages! I was looking at the list and decided I should share the names of the people coming with shandean. They are Dick and Jan from Denison, Iowa. Thanks for all the work you do to create/update the list. I am sure we will see you on the beach again this December.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwags View Post
    SO cute! Wish I could have another dog now! Thanks for sharing the puppy pic! Made my day better!
    Here's a picture of our last female that still needs a home.

    Name:  red2.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KB

    BTW (LOL) , She'd be a great pre-wedding present.

    132 days and counting!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Helen and I (BJ) will be coming home 12/2-12/14 2013. Hope to see many old faces and new ones as well.

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    Hey MikeMonica,
    Lincolnbunny here, CSA OCT2012, MAY2013, AND DEC2013. Would like to join your group, sounds like you guys have a lot of fun. Do you still have one female left? Rottweiler that is...

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    Hello fellow Dec CSA Peeps! 133 days until we return home again.

    Planning on taking a trip out to Floyd's one of the days we are there. We have 4 couples in our party this year so it's sure to be a good time. I was also interested in the One Love Pub Crawl. Has anyone ever done it or is anyone planning on doing it anytime from Dec 14-22?

    MikeMonica- love the pics of the Rotties. I am on my 3rd Rottie right now. He just turned 9. Starting show his age :-(

    We are still watching flight prices. Can't believe how high they are and don't seem to be dropping for us. I think we are just going to have to bit the bullet soon and buy them. We have never had to pay more than $500 a ticket from MN and now they are in the $800's. Crazy!! We are also planning to take Tim Air to the resort for the first time. I love the crazy ride on the bus but I think it's time to just get to CSA and start the vacation early :-)

    I hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of the summer and hope to see you all around the resort. You will usually find me at the swim up bar.

    Soon Come Mon!

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    Name:  185.JPG
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    Helen and I OCT 2012 CSA

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    My husband and I are also coming from Nebraska, Kearney. Hope to see you there! We will be there Nov 29th to Dec 7th. This will be our first time to a couples resort.. Counting the days!!!

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    Helen & BJ - welcome to the group. I've added you to the list and will publish it sometime this month. We still have one female (Rottie) left. She is 13 weeks old and weighs 29 lbs. Our one male is 37 lbs and I'm wondering just how big he's going to get. Their mother was 20 lbs when she was 12 weeks and averages 115 lbs now (3 years). The father was 140 lbs when I met him. No fat and one of the best looking rotties I had ever seen. Looking forward to meeting y'all soon.

    Kyle & Derek - The two puppies we are keeping will be our 5th and 6th respectively. Their mother is our fourth. Love all of them and would keep all of them if we had the time and space. Now I just have to figure out who can watch them while we are at CSA.

    Today is day four without rain here in LA (Lower Alabama for those who don't live in CA). At one time my daughter went to UCLA (Unknown College of Lower Alabama) but is now a senior at Auburn. Anyway, It's time to go home and fix a drink before I have to cut the grass. So far we've had 20+ inches in July and my grass is growing about an inch a day. I thought for a while I was going to have to hook the lawnmower up to the boat just to cut the grass.

    Take care everybody and we are almost ready to do the two digit dance!!!

    128 days and counting!!!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Thanks MikeMonica. Date had to be moved back 12-12 to 12-22. Looks like it's a no go on the puppy. See ya soon!

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    Hey Citybiz. Kearney! My old stomping grounds (UNK '95). Looks like we'll just miss you guys, we had to push back to 12/12-12/22. No worries, God willing, we'll have plenty of future opportunities to hook up. Rastaman Live up...

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    Excited to get to CSA!!! 116 days till Dec 14th! 9 nights at CSA and a vow renewal on 12/20 at 4pm! Can't wait to get on my gear and go diving with the awesome dive team!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    Hi kdgang. We will be at CSA from Dec 14-22 and may be interested in joining the trip to Floyds. Will there be other stops on that trip? There are four of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driverlady View Post
    Hi kdgang. We will be at CSA from Dec 14-22 and may be interested in joining the trip to Floyds. Will there be other stops on that trip? There are four of us.
    Hi everyone. (Driverlady and kdgang). We will also be here from the 15th till the 22nd, with our friends Billy and Kristy. We go to the PB each and every year. For us it is a must do.

    We will most likely go on Tuesday December 17, but that is not set yet. We normally spend the day at PB and have lunch there also. Let us know if y'all want to work something out. We LOVE Our normal driver. He can handle any where from 4 to 20, but the number has to be pretty firm about a week out. We are a friendly bunch, but the risk will be that we stay there all day, so if you don't like it, it could get tedious. My email is mandolin-dot-Jeff-at-gmail-dot-com.

    Even if y'all decide to go separate from our little group, I wholeheartedly recommend going to see the Pelican Bar. It's an amazing place.

    Jeff (& Marybeth)

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    Less then 4 months to go now till our December trip to CSA. Booked our flights last week via points, paid for upgraded seat and selection last night. It's time to think about Jamaican time more then normal! Get back to CSA to see our home away from home and our Jamaican friend Ozzy down the beach.

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