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Thread: December 2013

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    Arrived here on the 18th, CSA still rocks! Used the Club Mobay for our 235 arrival and it was so worth it! It was backed up to the ramp and back about 15 feet up the ramp. We skirted by everyone and thru clean and quick. We did end up waiting on our bags, but would rather do this then the shuffle at immigration. Then into the CSA lobby at the airport, off within 5 minutes. I do think it saved us time to make it worthwhile and stress free!

    Our beach front is decorated with lights now with the palm tree wrapped in lights too in front of us. And yes, there is some amazing light setups out there! Now it is time to relax and enjoy after our first full day yesterday, 19th. Drinks are cold and the beach is amazing, Irie Mon!
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    LOVE seeing all the Christmas lights around the resort..our favorite is a 3rd floor balcony that has lights spelling out "ONE LOVE"'s beautiful.

    We used Club MoBay coming in yesterday, Thursday, around 3:45 (our flight was delayed in ATL due to folks missing the flight -- their bags had to be removed before we could takeoff). We were the only ones on our flight using it, and boy are we glad we did! Lines at Immigration were insane..looked like hundreds of people..line was backed up onto the ramp. We had to wait 30min or so for our bus, but Patrick, our driver, was great. Computers were down at CSA when we got here, which was a bit of a pain, but we're in paradise, so who cares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironbutterfly View Post
    We just got back from CSA...and when hubby and I were walking through the grounds on way to Palms there was a beautiful bottom floor verandah room all decorated for Christmas. They had a small lit xmas tree on their table and hard hanging stars and christmas bulbs hanging from the ceiling of their beautiful...
    Ouch...I missing the beach and all of the folks we met at CSA. One love all. Happy New Year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LincolnBunny88 View Post
    Ouch...I missing the beach and all of the folks we met at CSA. One love all. Happy New Year!
    Hey there Lincoln- tell your wife I said Hello and big ole hug to you both. Glad we got a chance to meet, had fun on the Love Pub Crawl and the beach and stopping on your verandah to chat...Happy New Year to you and your family.

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    Had a blast from 12/14-12/23. Just booked a return trip back Feb 2015!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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