We have been looking a long time for the right place to vacation. we really want to go to CN. The beaches look top notch. The only thing that is worries us is the more we read, the more it seems like there are a lot of prude people. We want to let loose and have fun, party, socialize with fun people. We are looking forward to the AN beach and hot tub..... But... The more we read it seems like people just want to sleep or read a book on the beach. Do people not mingle? Or is it just some of the posters on here make it sound that way? We are late 20s early 30s couple. We would like to be around people our age, or at least ones that don't call it a nite before 10. We plan on getting a night pass to h2 for one night just to see the "other" side...lol
Thanks ahead of time for any info!!!!