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    Default is CN right for us??

    We have been looking a long time for the right place to vacation. we really want to go to CN. The beaches look top notch. The only thing that is worries us is the more we read, the more it seems like there are a lot of prude people. We want to let loose and have fun, party, socialize with fun people. We are looking forward to the AN beach and hot tub..... But... The more we read it seems like people just want to sleep or read a book on the beach. Do people not mingle? Or is it just some of the posters on here make it sound that way? We are late 20s early 30s couple. We would like to be around people our age, or at least ones that don't call it a nite before 10. We plan on getting a night pass to h2 for one night just to see the "other"
    Thanks ahead of time for any info!!!!

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    Default No it's not

    Couples is not a "party" place. It is filled with couples who socialize but in a more refined way. If your idea of a vacation is getting drunk and disturbing other guest, then Couples is not for you. Go to the H resort or even the Br resort next to Couples Negril.
    We just came back from CN and there was a group of 4 people traveling together who were there to party and when they came to the pool bar EVERYBODY else left. This was the first time we've had a problem at Couples and I hope it doesn't become a trend. Unfortunately "all-inclusve" means all you can drink to some people.
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    ryansq2, while Couples is obviously not going to have an h2 atmosphere, it is typically whatever you want it to be. It can be quiet and relaxing, like for those who you refer to as the "prude people", or it can be very social, like for those who you refer to as "fun people". On this message board, you will hear the "prude people" state that Couples is only about tranquil romance and not for any partiers because that is how they want it. And you will also hear from "fun people" that they partied all night at the piano bar/nightclub because that's how they want it. The key for both of these types of Couples vacationers is to respect the rights of each other to enjoy their vacations they way they choose to.

    You can usually spot people with similar interests at CN, either on the main beach or on the AN beach. Or during dinner or during the nightly entertainment. We also like to socialize and have made many friends over the years at CN.

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    We have found that the AN side is very friendly, we haven't experienced any problems in our 4 trips to CN. I think you will find that people in their 20's are rarely on the AN side. We can't quite understand why that is but on the AN side you will find all ages shapes and sizes. The whole resort is very laid back and the atmosphere is relaxed, you will find some people that stay out late and enjoy the dance parties at the piano bar. We took a chance and went to CN on our honeymoon and have since decided that is where we want to go every year. Once you go you will know.

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    Seems as if I may have offended the fella up top. That's kinda what I'm talking about. We are booking in April. Hopefully there will be people young at heart at least! What I'm trying to figure out is if there is a good mix of ages, attitudes. We have never been somewhere like this and just don't know what to expect, and don't want to make a mistake going to the wrong place. We are not loud and obnoxious, just want to let loose and let whatever happen! And yes since it is AI you can bet your arse i will have a drink in my hand from the time the sun comes up till the cows come home!!!!!!

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    Default It's as 'right' as you make it...

    If you really want to go to CN, then simply decide to, and go. My wife and I went last September and are returning next June, and we are not 'prude'. We spent our week there sunning on the AN beach, enjoying the warm Caribbean, hitting the hot tub immediately out of the sea, ordering a drink, and doing it over and over again. We mingled and enjoyed meeting others of the same ilk, as in nude sun bathers, as we chose. In-between we spent our private time doing what the entire setting promotes: being romantic; with each other. So, if being naked in public, drinking most of each day, enjoying the local food and products, and being romantic with the 'one who brung ya' the rest of the time is being prude, then sign us up. Places like Hedo, Hedo2, etc., are enticing, but there's nothing to do there that you can't do at CN. Being respectful of others is not being prude. As a matter of fact, respect is a basic tenet of the wonderful Jamaican culture and practiced like few places we've been to.
    If you maintain asking if CN is 'right' for you, maybe it's not.

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    For all the trips we have had to CN we have always met up with some very great couples looking to have fun and let loose to some degree, and they have been from all ages 22 to 60 and have established friendships where we keep in touch. Just go to have fun and usually you kind of get the feel of those looking to enjoy as you do. There are those who meet many couples and you see diat dinner tables of six or eight dining together, same at breakfast. You also will see couples who are thereto experience just time alone, we do a mix of both.

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    I think you will find what you are looking for in Couples. It truely is for couples - whatever age, whatever lifestyle, whatever interest.
    I responded to your other post but wanted to give a little more insight.
    Depending on what is most important will depend where you should go. If A/N facilities are most important please go to CSS or CTI - you will love both and you will be able to socialize with a youthful crowd. In general you will find most Couples resorts a little "dead" after 10pm (minus piano bar). If nightlife is the most important I would recommend CN. You will have a beautiful beach, A/N facilities, AND you will be on the side of the island where you can go to the local clubs or even get a day pass to H2. You can sunbathe all day and they party all night - the best of both worlds.
    Whatever you do, please don't let anyones comments discourage you from trying Couples. It is a great brand that services great people and they will gladly welcome you "home".

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    Wow Captain Jim.... what an attitude!
    "If your idea of a vacation is getting drunk and disturbing other guest, then Couples is not for you. Go to the H resort or even the Br resort next to Couples Negril." I don't think anything that person wrote indicated that his idea of a vacation is getting drink and disturbing other guests. Why be like that? It makes no sense.

    The good news is that most of the folks at Couples are accepting, not judgemental, friendly, and don't consider what they do for fun "more refined" than what others do. I would say that Couples is very much what you are looking for, but the time you go will be important. If it is important to you that others in your age group and who like to party later in the evening are there when you are there, then I would suggest that you ask around here and on the "Meet Up" board and find a time when some like-minded guests will be there. There are weeks when it is a lot more active than other weeks and hitting the right week might make your vacation just what you want. Couples is an excellent resort, you'll find a lot to love there!
    All the best!

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    Default These terms....

    "let loose and have fun, party," scared me. Having just come back from Couples Negril and not being able to use the swim up pool bar for 2 out of our 7 days because of obnoxious "partiers" I maybe over reacted in my post. I have no problem with anyone who wants to go & have a good time UNTIL it infringes on other guests good time. There are resorts that cater to this type of client and I was trying to point out that this is not the normal vibe at Couples.
    As a point of reference, this was our 5th time at Couples and the first such problem we have encountered so it is the exception rather than the rule.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    We want to let loose and have fun, party, socialize with fun people.
    My experiences have been that Couples is more geared toward a more mature type of party crowd, however there are usually a few who stay at the pool bar and drink from morning until it closes. We meet new people every time we go and have returned with people we have met and even visited with people we have met at their homes in the USA. Certainly plenty of guests have fun and partake in the unlimited cocktails - there are always a group of guests that keep the piano bar open until the wee hours of the night but our experiences have been it's a small group. Based on the quote I moved to my reply I think you will be happy at Couples. We return on 12/3 for our 6th trip.
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