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Thread: AN snorkeling

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    Default AN snorkeling

    Do any of the Couples resorts offer AN snorkeling trips?

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    Sorry, no they do not.
    Irie Mon

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    Default AN snorkeling

    At CSS, we brought our own equipment and went off the beach, to the end of the peninsula. Once we got past the cooler river water, it was nice!

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    Would I be able to take snorkeling equipment from the watersports area to Sunset Beach?

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    No- they reserve that stuff for the official snorkeling trips that they take boats out to; you can't just "check it out" for the day.

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    sometimes...and I can arrange this sort of thing. but its best done and dealt with while you are there.

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    We did around the island at CTI. Very nice. But still, with your own equipment.
    One Love,

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