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    Irie to all of our September Friends and to those we have not met yet.

    We just booked for September 6th - 18th (11th trip since 1980) and hope to see our wonderful friends again.

    Please let us know if you will be at CTI in September and we will add you to the list to follow.

    One Love
    Paul & Debbie

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    We will be at CTI September 20-29 celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and are EXTREMELY excited! This will be our 2nd all-inclusive resort trip to Jamaica, but our first trip to Couples. CTI totally called to us the minute we found about about Couples over a year and a half ago, and we were finally able to start our official countdown at 452 days. Looking forward to meeting other September visitors...
    Laura & Tom

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    Hi Tom & Laura

    Welcome to the Couples' Family. We have loved Couples since 1980 (our Honeymoon) and was unable to return until 2004 (had children, college and all that fun stuff). Traveled to many places with our children but our home away from home is COUPLES since then. Hopefully you will feel the same.

    Sorry we will miss you both but maybe one year our paths will cross.

    Have a Rum Cream on the rocks or in your coffee on us.

    Paul & Debbie
    CTI Sept. 1980/Sept 2004 - Nov. 2005/Sept. 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010/Oct. 2011
    Jan. 2012/Sept. 2012
    CSS Sept. 2008
    CN Oct. 2011
    CSA Oct. 2011

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    We are there from Aug 31 - September 8 - maybe we will see you during the 2 day overlap!

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    Hi Plato1220

    It would be a real pleasure to meet you both. If you look at You Tube entitled "Ivan Islanders" on the message board, we are the third couple from the left and you will also meet the other couples in the video too.

    Please look for us.

    Paul and Debbie

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    We just booked out 3rd trip to CTI last night. We will be there from 9/15/2012-9/24/2012. Josh will most likely be found at the grill with a plate of jerk chickem, extra corn, and I can be found by the veggie bar munching on the chips and dip. I hope to see you all there. If you have never been to CTI check the youtube that josh made a few years ago by Infamousjdp
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plato2012 View Post
    We are there from Aug 31 - September 8 - maybe we will see you during the 2 day overlap!
    We'll be there from Sept 6th - 10th! Hope to see you there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactress View Post
    We'll be there from Sept 6th - 10th! Hope to see you there!
    We'll be there the 6th - 13th! Noticed it was your first time. You'll absolutely love it! Feel free to give me a buzz if you need any questions answered.

    Mary & Bryan

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    My future wife and I will be flying in on sept 11th and staying till the 18th! Getting married at CTI on the 14th. We are so excited and this is our first trip ever. Hope to see everyone there! And don't be shy I plan on meeting lot of nice people down there.

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    Hi! Marge and Ed from New Jersey - Sept 8-15!

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