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    Default 11 days and counting...........

    we leave the 11th of november........... Can not wait for that first red stripe at the airport!

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    How exciting for you!!!! I wish we were that far down on the countdown....98 days to go. At least we have reached the DoubleDigit dance. Enjoy Jamaica and Couples.

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    Have a great time and hey have a Red Stripe for me too please!!!!! LOL Our countdown is 390 so I will have to keep going to the liquor store to get my Red Stripe for a while!!

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    Lucky you...have a blast

    One love

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    we leave in 10 days....Super excited

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    Hootie - what resort? We leave the 12th for CSS. I work in Florence!

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    Default We have 14 more days until CN for the first time.

    I have been counting down for the past 18 months and can't believe it's finally down to the last 14 days!!!!! I can't wait to celebrate our 20th anniversary(honeymoon) finally.....

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