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We had very high expectations going in as I have been reading the message board since I booked 7 months ago. (I must have asked atleast 5 people if they read the MB and not one said they did. I find that odd. ) Anyway, overall our stay was good. Our room was great as we had a first floor beachfront verandah suite. The bamboo bar was almost right across from our room. We had no problem getting a covered hut most days. The first 3 days the sea reminded us our our beaches back home in Rhode Island. Alot of waves that knock you over, but by our last day the sea was calm like we had expected. We were able to take a sun-fish out for a sail and that was great. We used the fitness center everyday. Expect to sweat profusely if you do because it is open-air. Nice equipment and smoothy bar. I did not find the vendors on the beach to be a bother at all. Security is always around to keep them moving if you are not interested. We had one man play his guitar and sing for us and he was fabulous. We gave him a tip which he appreciated. I also bought 3 bracelets from a woman selling on the beach. I know I could do better on e-bay as I by quite a bit from that site, but I figured I was helping the Jamaican economy. We ate the first night at Lemongrass and although Thai food is not really our favorite, what we did like we REALLY liked. Most deserts we had were fabulous. My husband had the creme brulee but he didn't love it because the sugar is grainier? than what we are used to in the states. I thought it was fine. Don't miss the warm coconut tapioca pudding at Lemongrass. Yum! Breakfast was wonderful everyday. We ate at Patois the first morning and I knew I had to try the banana stuffed french toast since so many of you raved about it! You were right! Delish! Dinner at Patois wasn't as wonderful, for me anyway. I had steak and it was like shoe leather. I loved dessert, though! Friday night because the weather was iffy, they decided to have the party indoors. Quite a selection, but food ok. My husband loved the flavor of the goat curry but not keen on all the bones in it. The palms breakfast buffet was very good. The staff wasn't as friendly as we expected. Although, Curtis at the wellness bar is fantastic. So much fun to talk to! We also hoped to have pictures taken of us in the restaurants but could never find a photographer around! (only on the beach did we see one but I want pictures when I look nice, not beach pictures.lol!) Very frustrating! Would we go back? Probably not as there are many other places to go in this world.