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    Default CSA Scuba Diving - What's Included???

    Hi... We will be at CSA on Dec. 6th and my husband is interested in doing the Scuba Diving course and the deep sea dive that comes with that. I believe this is included in the package. If he decides he really loves it and wants to go on another dive while we are there.... How much is it? I tried to find this on the website but kept getting an error message. I thought I remembered that only the first dive is included at no cost. If the 2nd dive does cost.... Can we use our $200.00 (Romance Rewards) toward this fee? I appreciate any information that you may have.


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    The Discover Scuba course is the PADI "resort course" where they give you a couple hours of lessons, and take you out on one dive to about 30-35ft. That includes everything and is included in your stay. If he wants to get certified, there is an additional cost. Part of getting certified includes some study and four dives. Once certified, he can dive as much as he wants at Couples for no extra charge. This includes equipment rental and everything. The PADI certification is good worldwide for life, but if he goes more than 2 years without diving, he needs to do a refresher, demonstrating the essential diving skills. For the remainder of 2011, you can use your resort credit for diving certifications.

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    THANK YOU for the information. We are only going to be there 5 full days so I don't think he would have enough time to get PADI certified. He will want to do the Resort course and the 30-35 ft dive. If he does this at the beginning of our trip and towards the end he wanted to go back and do the 30-35 ft dive again, Is this allowed? Also, we are going with another couple who are already PADI certified. Can they go on the dive with him or is this just for beginners? I really appreciate your help...

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    I assume CSA is the same as CN so I'll try and answer your questions. The resort course divers and even the certification course divers do not dive with the certified divers. They dive between our dives (9am & 1:30pm). Resort course includes one dive and I believe additional dives are $50 each.

    Certification is only 2 days total so it is doable if you are there for 5 days. Remember he can't dive 18-24 hrs before flying.
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    Default getting certified

    if your husband wants to get open water certified, he would actually have time on his trip. The trick is to do all of your book work on-line prior to going to the resort. He can do this on the PADI website, look for the e-learning link. The course is $120 and then doing the pool dives and open water dives at the resort would be an extra charge. I know its $250 for two pool dives and two open water dives, am not sure what the fee would be for all four pool dives and all four open water dives. The best thing to do is to email the resort directly and ask for the email address of the scuba shop. If you communicate with them directly, they can give you the best advice for your particular trip. Scuba diving is a fabulous experience and not to be missed.

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    I've done the resort course twice at CSA. I don't think there'd be any problems with your friends joining him on his dive...but you should check with the dive shop. Each time I went out, there were PADI divers on the boat with us that got dropped off along the way and then picked up again. Depends on how many people there are.

    My main reason for writing a response is to mention not to forget about the swim test that's part of the resort course. Maybe CSA has relaxed it in the last 2 years but it was a killer before. We had to swim 8 laps, overhead crawl, no stopping, no resting. Several people gave up on the swim test and did not get to do the actual course and dive.

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    Here is the e-mail address for the water sports centre at CN
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    He should not dive 24 hours before flying, so that is something to keep in mind. I'm not sure if the resort allows people to do that dive twice or not. As for the friends joining the dive, it probably depends on how many people are doing it that day. If the boat is pretty full, there may not be room. That is a question for the dive shop. Try I'm not sure how you feel about the sea, but you should try it too. You try everything out in the pool first, so if you are comfortable breathing underwater there, it's really easy in the open sea. Always worth a try. It's a life-changing experience!

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    THANK YOU all for the information. This was really helpful... If December would just hurry up and get here now.

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    Thanks for that contact e mail address. I have some questions I need to direct to them prior to our visit. Go diving guys, it's great.

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