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    Default Relaxed about the weddingmoon now...

    Everyone at Couple is so wonderful about answering question that I'm totally relaxed now.... We're getting married 5/16/2012. I've actually made all of the appointments/reservations already (private beach dinner, hair, hails, reception dinner......etc....)

    In fact, they are so good, that I'm now looking at buying (and training) a new Schutzhund puppy before I even get there! YES, they have taken everything on my mind to that extent. My Schutzhund male, Ripley, my once in a lifetime dog died a month ago. It's made me so ridiculously sad that even thinking of the wedding hasn't cheered me up.

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    Holy Smokes Stacie...You are on top of it! We are getting married May 29, 2012.....and I have done nothing but book the wedding and resort. I still have to do all the things you mentioned plus airfare!

    Sorry about your sad.

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    So sorry to hear about you dog.

    But good news about how wonderful everything for the wedding is going. I am starting our planing for our vow renewal on 8/2/12 and just got my frist email from Sharon. Post pics when you get home so we can have something to hold us over until its our time.

    Best of wishes to you and your future husband.

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    Thanks guys!

    Oh, I'm sure I'll be posting tons of pictures!!

    The only things I really have left to do for the wedding are buying my dress (I have appointment scheduled for after Christmas and I've narrowed it down to 3 choices), buying my fiance's custom made linen suit, and buying OOT bags.

    I ended up putting down a deposit on a male German Shepherd from a litter due 1/1/12, so I will be getting him the first week of March.

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    Dress purchased. Suit purchased.

    Puppy (Fonzie) home.

    Now I'm just working on the OOT bags and decorations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    Dress purchased. Suit purchased.

    Puppy (Fonzie) home.

    Now I'm just working on the OOT bags and decorations.
    Hey Stac,

    Where did you get your grooms custom made suit from? Did you get it online...what site did you use? I'm trying to find a nice linen suit for my groom & I found this one in China but I'm not sure about it yet...

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    This is the one we purchased:

    I found the site on this board. Several people have ordered from here and were happy. His hasn't arrived yet. My fiance NEEDS a custom made suit. He's a bodybuilder so he has a HUGE chest/back (50"), but a small waist (34").

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    Stacie and Chris you guys are on top of everything!!! I was under the impression we couldnt schedule that stuff until we arrived!!

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    Stacie! I haven't seen your Wedding Pictures around. How did everything go?

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