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    Default Blue Mountain Coffee?

    Where is the best place to buy blue mountain coffee? What is a good price?
    I'm also wondering if it's ok to put it in carry on bags, and hope there is no limit!!
    Thanks to all coffee lovers for your help!

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    No limit ! Coffee is more expensive at the airport so buy it when you go on the shopping trip with the resort. Coffee in the gift shop at your Couples resort will cost you $30 a pound. I have been able to negotiate in town for about $22 a pound. My carry on bag is always full of blue mountain coffee when I fly home, the people at the airport make jokes about it ( but never a problem(.

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    My wife and I have been vacationing in Jamaica since the late 1980's and we LOVE Blue Mountain Coffee. We have purchased the beans at many different places but for the past 10 years or more we have just bought our beans at Sangster on the way home. The beans are fine in carry-on luggage and the prices are usually about the same there as at other places around the island. Be aware that many of the people selling loose beans on the street and in many of the little stores are actually selling High Mountain Coffee, not Blue Mountain. The difference is small (having to do with the elevation at which it is grown) but if you want JaBlum the real beans will be packaged as such. The coffee served at most resorts is High Mountain rather than Blue Moutain because it is also very good and the price is so much lower.
    all the best-

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    We are HUGE coffee lovers. We were at CN in September and bought our coffee at the gift shop as we didn't want to leave the resort. It was $34 a pound but were told it was on sale ($29) on Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat mornings before 1pm. So we bought 6 pounds on our last day and packed it in our checked luggage. This is Couples brand () which I assume is the same as in your room. Very good. Got to the airport and the Jablum was only $29 a pound but there was NO TAX!!!. Forgot about the duty-free thing.

    Bought enough to last until our next trip which was booked for next September but now we are going back in May too so we'll have to see how much we need as the bags expire in June & August 2012.
    Couples Negril - September 2011, 2012, 2013
    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    I've got two words for you... Resort Credit. If you've got it, Blue Mountain is one way to do it... Just be sure the gift shop has the form you want (ground or beans). This reach, we purchased enough to last us till our next visit (May, 2012); and we did use the resort credit to purchase. Beans were $33/lb at SweptAway. I checked the price at the airport and it was $29/lb, although I found one lesser-known estate selling at a rather dubious $25/lb. You can also find some of the airport purveyors selling in 5# lots, which also brings the price down.

    Good luck!

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    Take the "mall" shopping trip. I was able to negotiate Jablum roasted whole bean (with correct markings and expiration date) for $15 US per pound. Brought back 10 pounds.

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    Did you all read the report that has coffee lovers everywhere crying. Our local newspaper had an article that said due to the global warming, that coffee beans, as well as cocoa beans, may become extinct due to the difference in temperature at the altitude those beans grow in. Being a coffee lover, this devastated me. As I recall though, I think the date they said this would happen would probably be after I was six feet under. Pour coffee on me.

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