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    Default CTI-Awesome! Thank You Gary Stevens & Staff

    Hubby and I were guests of CTI from 8/22-8/29. All I can say is WOW!! We booked on a Wednesday Special expecting a Superior Room. We were placed in Suite 3222 with a view to die for. I walked around for 30 minutes just saying WOW!!

    We had previously been to CN and fell in love with Couples. CTI reinforced all we knew about Couples Resorts and more. CTI offers everything you could ever want in an AI. The accommodations were fabulous, staff excellent and the food/drink simply amazing.

    We had the pleasure of meeting Gary Stevens of Couples before he left for his vacation. He and the wonderful staff of CTI were most gracious. There was not a single day that went by where a member of management was not visible walking and talking with guests and staff.

    I have already got my Sister and Doctor to book at Couples. We will be at CSA 8/24/2012 and possibly in April with another couple if they can find a doable rate.

    Couples is the place to go for reconnecting, relaxation and a great vacation with no worries!

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    You are going to love CSA. Enjoy!

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