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    Default Jerk Chicken

    Why are people so interested in getting "Authentic" Jamaican jerk chicken off the resort? We love the jerk chicken and pork that Couples serves. The stuff we had off the resort was nowhere near as good as what we get on the resort.

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    The Jerk Chicken on the busride to CSA at the halfway stop was great. They had their homemade Jerk seasoning,which we bought a jar of. Cant wait to stop there again in Dec.

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    I think it's because people want to try what the locals eat. We have several Jamaican friends who have told us that the jerk off the resort, and not the kind in the tourist stops, is so spicy that most couldn't handle it. This would be why my hubby wanted to try the real stuff, to see how spicy it is. Though he loves, loves, loves the jerk at the resort!
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    i think it mostly has to do withthe fact that every jerk is a little different i personally have not found a jerk that i have not liked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    The stuff we had off the resort was nowhere near as good as what we get on the resort.
    You may have been to the wrong place.

    I love all jerk. ALL of it.

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    I like the fact that Couples makes an effort to have local food available, though the salted fish is not to my taste. We spent a lot of time at Sea-Grapes last year trying all sorts of fruits you don't see in the States, though we paid for it later on :P

    We are going to make more of an effort to go off-resort this time around, my only concern is the health standards, we take the US FDA for granted sometimes.

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    There is a world of difference from cook to cook. The cooks at Couples prepare what we call "Jamerican Jerk" - hot and spicy with tons of island flavor, but not quite as hot as you'll found outside the resort. Not everyone who visits Jamaica can handle the heat a native Jamaican takes for granted.

    Forgetting the heat for a moment, the issue of tenderness is actually more important. Because of the long cooking time, under dry smoke in a cooker, and the extended period between finished meat and serving, chicken tends to be on the dry side. This is just the opposite at Couples, since the chicken can be continuously prepared.

    The other major difference comes in the depth of flavor. Traditional jerk is done with a dry rub (how I was taught and have been cooking for 28 years) whereas the modern cooks are using marinades. In the dark meat, a dry rub gets much deeper penetration and with a wet rub, the breast wins out. Couples is using a marinade, most of the cooks at the various resorts and hotels do so as well. On the street, however, it's dry rub.

    As travelers who endeavor to experience as much of the local culture as possible and as Jamaican jerk cook team we never bypass an opportunity to sample the local fare.
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    The stuff at the resort it pretty mild - it tastes like pretty generic barbecue sauce to me - not authentic. A spicier option would be great, and I think that's what people are looking for.

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    All the jerk we have had away from the resorts has been a little more spicy, we love it spicy. Not to say we do not like the resort's version, just prefer the local style.

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    Default jerk

    I think people do want to 'try something local'. As well, we have talked to the cooks at Couples who have admitted they 'tourist it down', so to speak. They want to make sure they make it jerk (spicey) but not so much so that most might find it too much so. One of the guys at CSA said to my husband, "you come to my place -- I'll make you some jerk", meaning then you would see how hot or spicey it can be. Maybe people think they might get more authentic jerk off. My husband adds PickAPeppa sauce sometimes, and then is quite happy .. lol.

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    I have to say, as a Jamaican and a repeater especially to CSS, the jerk chicken or pork is not really the same, it is definitely toned down for let's say non-natives. It's good, but there is better out there.

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    everyone wants a lil jerk
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    I agree the food at the resort was good but there is just something about grabbing jerk from a road side vendor! We took the bus trip to Ricks Cafe. After we watched the jumping for a bit we walked across the street to grab some jerk from the side of the road. It was $5.00 the Jerk at Ricks was like $14.00!! It was really yummy and fun talking with the guy selling it. He was very grateful for the buisness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Why are people so interested in getting "Authentic" Jamaican jerk chicken off the resort? We love the jerk chicken and pork that Couples serves. The stuff we had off the resort was nowhere near as good as what we get on the resort.
    Wally with all due respect to the couples chefs there is no way a resort that caters to > 400 people can make jerk chicken
    (daily) the same as the locals mom and pops. If you didnt think the jerk off sight was as good i suggest you search around and try some of the more "highly reccomended jerk places"
    The other benefit of checking out the mom and pops is the local vibe the patrons and the stories/music you hear watiting for your meal and while eating it. Lets face it , while at couples you look around and 60-80% of lets say CSA will be
    -over 30 years old
    -and come from roughly the same social econmoic circle
    Going out and about is a nice way to deviate from the norms of the inner resort .. .enjoy your jerk where ever you enjoy it

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    While at CSS in 08 we did an excursion to Port Antonio, and part of our customized excursion was a stop at Boston Bay where jerk originated. It was excellent, cooked right on top of the wood. It was cool to say we had been there and tasted where it originated, we had jerk chicken, lobster and what they are famous for at Boston Bay, the pork.

    I have to say though I too, have yet to find a jerk I did not
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    Could you send me the info on the vendor you used for Port Antonio?

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    For me, the trip off resort to search for good jerk is about a whole lot more than just finding good jerk. Its also an excuse to go out and have an adventure and talk to people you never ever would have met otherwise.

    Jasoncassy, you do bring up a good point about the health codes being um... "different", but I've never had a problem. For me, the less government between me and my food the better.

    In fact, I have a theory that one of the reasons the jerk stands are so cool is because the meat is often super in it was still walking probably less than a day before it gets cooked and served to you. It's also probably what we would call "free range" at the fancy food store.

    Does anyone know if I'm right about this?

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    Anyone have any advice on where to get good jerk near CTI and the easiest way to get there(maybe during one of the shopping excurions)? From what I have read on the message board it seems to be a lot easier to go places on your own in Negril than Ocho Rios.

    Can you provide any information on the Port Antonio excurion you went on?


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    Kristen - The best of the shacks near CTI will require a taxi. The one you want to go to is Scotchies.
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    Folks let me say this as a word of warning, the trip to Port Antonio from Ocho is not for the faint of heart. The roads are terrible, dirt most of the way! We combined Somerset Falls and the Blue Lagoon with Boston Bay. Anyone who would like info email me.

    mzambo1722 @ wideopenwest dot com
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    How good was that lobster??Seriously spicy!!!My mouth was on fire,but Marie,Dino,Amy and Scott were chowing down like it was nothing!!Great excursion you guys!Remember~Road Block!!LOL!!If anyone is considering doing something like Marie suggested I totally agree it was well worth the time.It was an adventure I won't ever forget and the food was amazing.Much different from anything served at the resorts.And if you happen to find a Rasta who is willing to tag along,take him up on the offer.He was a hoot!

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    Hey Diane,

    What about that sauce??? It was more of a paste, that stuff put sweat on your brow for sure!!!!!!!

    That was an adventure for sure!!! One none of us will forget, but all good mon!

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    The Mrs and I intend on taking full advantage of the trip we're paying for, and that means eating ALL of our meals at the resort, spank you very much.

    But.....I also can't see any harm in sneaking a taste or two at one of the roadside vendors when we're out and about. Tangles mentioned they purchased some jerk chicken for $5 - I can see that just to sample a bit of the true local faire.

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    Was lucky to be at CSA in June this year when they had the yearly Jerk Sauce competition. We got to try many of them and we picked the same winner as the judges. I was shocked to see how much stuff goes into the sauce. The head chef of the Palms used over half a litre of appletons to just get it started lol. Anyway, they ranged from sweet to fire hot. Some managed to start off sweet and then turn to hot as you tasted. Every one was a winner but on the day the judges chose Cleopatra as the winner. As the winner she got a trophy plus her jerk sauce would be used at couples in all restaurants. I was also expecting her picture and recipe to feature in this months newsletter but I guess it will be in the next one. Look out for it, its a cracking jerk sauce. Well done Cleopatra.


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    Now I would have LOVED to have been there for that!!!!! I am very jealous! lol

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