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    Default Jerk Recipe

    Pizza is Pizza unless it's really good pizza, same with Jerk. You can stay on campus and get very good food and drink, but go off campus and you can get your fill of culture too. I can't speak for CTI but CSA has a place not far called Best in the West. I was able to get some of their sauce and went into the test kitchen when I got home. It took about 2 weeks and many Red Stripes. I had to call in some neighbors to be tasters as my taste buds were shot for the Scotch Bonnets. I came up with a recipe that is more of a paste than a marinade. I have attched this recipe. I think the pure cane syrup sets it apart. Lyles is the name brand and you can get it at Byerly's here in Minnesota. I used pimento wood in the smoker and it made a real difference.
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    Is Best In the West within walking distance of CSA? I have a map showing a lot of the establishments along Norman Manly and the Cliffs, but it isn't to scale. I looks like you could walk down the beach and cut through near Coco LaPalm to get to Best in the West. How long of a walk is it?

    I'm planning on going to Ossies too which looks "close" to CSA. I hear the have great jerk pork.
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    Best In The West is a 5 to 10 minute walk from CSA. Ossies is just across the street and down one block. Bourbon Beach is around 2-1/2 miles, but worth the walk. It used to be called De Bus many years ago.
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    Jerk Center about 5 miles from CSS towards MBJ

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