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    Default road noise at cti

    we booked a premier ocean at cti. on google earth it semms close to the road. does anyone have any insight on this? thanks.

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    No, the entire complex is set back far enough from the road that it was never an issue... Only time I heard any road noise was at bayside as it's closer due to the road bending at that corner... Even then it was just the odd horn and hard to hear over the rain... We slept with our balcony door open and heard only the sounds of the sea which is much closer and louder than the road

    Garden rooms *might* hear the odd road noise but I suspect that's not the case either... I'd say it's a non issue here... If it can be heard, balcony doors are solid and could block out any sounds (we couldn't hear the noises from the managers reception until we opened the balcony doors... Solid construction "hotel" is probably a huge benefit here


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    We were in the main building, first floor right off the lobby in August. Not only did we not hear a peep out of the lobby guests, we never heard road noise.
    We heard the waves lapping on the shore! Woot Woot!
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    Premier Ocean is not near the road. You are facing the ocean.

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    We had also wondered about this before we went, but we booked a Deluxe Ocean, which is buildings 1 & 4. The premier category is buildings 2 & 3. Building 1 is likely the closest to the road, but we talked to people in rooms there who said they couldn't hear anything. (We ended up in building 4, which we were happy with). There's a solid wall along the hall behind the doors in buildings 1 & 2. (the doors don't open right to the street "motel" style. It's more closed in like a hotel - do I make sense?). I'm sure you'll be fine

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    sounds great, thanks everybody.

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