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    Pretty cold there Randy,
    We got 6 inches of snow Saturday, broke every record in the book for snow in South Central Pa prior to Thanksgiving and we hadn't reached Halloween yet.. Every single tree in my yard has major damage and I may wind up losing three of them completely. These were tress that my daughters planted from what we call helicopter seeds, most are over 30 feet tall now. We are already booked for April so I guess things will be fine, nothing like a Bob Marley and Blue Mountain to ease you into Island mode.

    Mick & Cheryl 4/13/12 > 4/21/12

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    Randymon --

    I know Couples is a wonderful place to get away from snow, but you have to consider two very important thing:

    1. Some people are already here at Couples and may be going home to snow, and your message is worse than mean, they'd think it cruel, and

    2. Some people are scheduled to fly here, and their airports might be closed due to snow or power loss.

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    Please be nice to us, the snow is coming, but please do not wish the crap for us.

    One love!
    Irie Mon

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    We were at CTI last week for another WONDERFUL vacation! Unfortunately (here's where the ULTRA-BAD part comes in) we left on Saturday, 10/29... while flying home home to NJ the pilot came on the loud speaker to inform us of the snow that we were going home to... to make a long story painfully longer... we were stuck over night at the airport for 14 hours. No ride home to be found because of the lovely white stuff! Wish we could have stayed at CTI for another week! Was a LITTLE mean, Randy. But you're 100% right! ~ Lori

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    Me and my boyfriend visited Couples Negril in October. Got to say this was the MOST WONDERFUL RELAXING vacation ever!!! We both are very eager to return, so much so that we had hoped to return in December, but found that we couldnt afford a return trip at that time :-(. We are planning a trip back in late May early April. I miss the warm water and the friendliest people ever! Thank you Couples Negril for such a wonderful time.

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    Well I had some snow, then my power was out for right around 24 hrs. I also tried to book my 2013 trip with AAA the other week and they said they could not book the 2013 trip yet. Anyone else have this problem?

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    No snow here, we live in South FL... but we still cannot WAIT til our honeymoon at CN!!! (I feel everyones pain though, I grew up in MA/NH and didn't move away til I was 20).

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    Got our first taste of the white stuff today!! Yuck! Leaving Jan. 24 for CTI..Counting the days

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    A big thanks to you Randymon for wishing our premature, heavy 8" snowfall on us here in the Hudson Valley of NY October 29th. I just get back from a weeklong golfing vacation in North Carolina to lose power for 2 days. We've been looking forward to our CSA trip in 26 days since we made the reservation a year and a half ago. Now we need it even more than ever! We hope to finally meet you there on our third Couples vacation.

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