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    Hey all,

    What is the biggest picture you brought home? I would love to purchase a big picture for my mantel. Just wondering how big I can go.

    Than ks to all
    One Love,

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    Hi Myapapya,

    We've purchased a couple of large pictures (over 36" in width) and brought back. One is an artist pencil drawing of us at Couples Negril that we have framed and hanging on the mantel...he did a great job. The other is a canvas painting that we purchased from the beach vendors. The pencil portrait and the canvas (removed from the wooden frame) were both rolled up and then we had them framed once we got back home.
    Irie ,
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    We've purchased a couple of large canvas paintings as well. They take them off the wooden frame and roll them up for you. We have them framed when we get home. They're just beautiful!

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