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    Default Might have to postpone? :(

    I was just offered a new temporary 1-year position today - won't know til tomorrow if they are ok with me going on vacation for 2 weeks in Dec.

    If we were to re-schedule until Dec. 2012 would we still get the $500 room credit and 1 room category upgrade or do we lose all that?


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    We had to postpone our Aug 2011 trip because I was due to have a baby in July 2011, thanks to our Oct 2010 trip. lol

    We did lose our credit and everything which sucked because that credit was better than the one we got for next year. Oh well.

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    Thanks, Melody, for your reply. Great news about your baby
    Great news for me, too........we can still do our trip in Dec. and my start date for the job is now Jan. 2012 - YEEHAW!!! Couples Negril here we come! We are sooooooooooooooooooo ready!

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